The Recursive Relationship of Collectivism and Individualism

November 24th, 2011

The Recursive Relationship of Collectivism and Individualism

Often times, especially in the present day, Collectivism and Individualism are made out to be antagonistic opposites. From that, many arguments for one or the other then arise, just as every other dividing force in politics. In fact, the greater portion of modern “politics” in itself is simply a mechanism that serves no purpose but to divide man against himself by affixing limiting labels upon him. (e.g. Left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative etc. etc. etc.).
These limiting labels are my favorite thing to undo, for they are truly the Spells of the wicked causing a non-unified mind within mankind, with which, men cannot see clearly and are then easily guided by the wills of others. Hopefully this little article gives you some insight into what I intend to convey when I speak of a “Unified Mind”, a thing which sees beyond apparent opposites.
I will begin with this old phrase: “Birds of a feather flock together” which could be rewritten as “similar individuals will form collectives”. When any system is erected, whether or not in perfect purity to its archetypal blueprints, (communism, capitalism etc. etc.) the imperfections of Man will eventually rise to the surface and begin to “corrupt” the system away from its perfect methods of operation. This happens because of the above phrase. Groups will begin to form of like mind, which deviate, possibly ever so slightly from the initial modus operandi of the initial system.
The erected system in its archetypal form is a collective, for every single individual within the system agrees with the operating methods, thus they are One group. In this way the erected system is also an Individual for the entire group acts the same, as One being, an individual. When division begins within, and subgroups begin to form, these subgroups are collectives, because every individual within them believes the same principles. However, compared to the initial system in which they are contained, they (the subgroups) appear as Individuals, for each entire subgroup acts as One unique being also. These “Individuals” are a diffraction of the original Individual (the initial system) just like the infinite shades of color which a prism can diffract from seemingly unified white light.
Even in the most extreme case, a society of Individualists, it too is actually a collective, for every soul believes the same principles. Moreover, a society of all collectivists would be a collective, but because the entire group acts the same, the group itself would simply be an individual. Hence Individualism and collectivism are inseparable. When one defines the boundary of a group (a collective) into a single unit one immediately makes it an individual. Every collective (group of like individuals) is therefore an “individual” and every individual is a collective of like sub units (individuals). Individualism and Collectivism are merely categorical titles used when discussing different levels of magnitude of the recursion of any system, the micro system or the macro system, the general or the specific.
For example, Imagine an aviary. The Aviary (one unit, thus an individual) when viewed as collective of groups (the types of birds), each group of birds is described as an individual mirroring the individual qualities of those birds making up that particular group. Viewed at this level there is specific detail but multiplicity, for example: the details of eagles, owls, and penguins. However, when the Aviary is viewed as a single individual, the focus is on a Macro level of recursion which has much less detail of any specific individuals (sub groups) but describes the general detail of all group types Unified, such as; they all have beaks, wings, feathers, eggs and so on. Simplified, when viewing the Specific one will have multiplicity, and when viewing the General one will have Unity.
Another example is the human body itself, it is one individual composed of groups of collectives, the collectives being the blood cells, bone cells, muscle cells, etc. As such, Individualism and collectivism are the same recursive classification system simply observed from different levels of magnitude; the general or the specific. Every individual is made up of collectives, and every collective is made up of individuals.
I must add that in my opinion the most pure society would be a society of individualists, but no doubt it too would degrade, eventually precipitating out deviated subgroups of varying size and power skewing the system to one collective or another which would then eventually become the new Individual Archetype; which itself would then degrade, and perpetually continue the cycle of archetypes ad infinitum… however, change is stability.
Now know that any of these groups or individuals must be labeled when categorizing them into their respective places within a system, simply as a natural mechanism of the human attempt to understand things. However, for every label that one makes, one distinguishes the group/individual from others and thus separates it away from the true Unity of the ultimate system, the Universe itself. These separated and labeled groups or individuals may hold favor with you to varying degrees, some repulsing and some attracting you. Take care therefore to not thereby rally yourself against some group of your brothers and sisters and become quick to Hate, for this is a definite tactic of darkness, used against you since antiquity.
I too am guilty of this, for I have rallied myself against the group that I have labeled “The Wicked”, which is just as ambiguous as the Empire’s use of the word “Terrorist”. However my aforementioned label transcends more mundane labels, as it is simply composed of any group or individual who practices schism against Man. For I am sure the true definition of their word “terrorist” is: any person who propagates Love, Light(wisdom/intellect), Harmony, Unity and Freedom. As such the ultimate opposites are revealed; light and darkness, unity and division, involution and evolution, they are higher opposites because they are more clearly defined, as opposed to the ambiguous “left” and “right”. And they are the cause of each other, for to know light one must know darkness also, else; it is indistinguishable from anything else in the Archetypical Unified Universe.

A Quick Note on Big “Law”

October 12th, 2011

1. “All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.” Marbury vs . Madison 1803

The above decision by the supreme court effectively dismantles most “Laws” we have today, each one just one more chain to bind us.

2. Remember clearly: That ANY and ALL “Law” only exists to those who decide to follow them, other than that, they are paper; save for the fools who force those words upon others with weapons….these are tyrants or the ignorant slaves of tyrants.

In this light, I declare ALL Laws null and void that restrict my Liberty so long as I harm None. Any agent of “government” in any form who attempts to “enFORCE” upon me their “Laws” will be met with an equally repulsive force. I hope you do the same, so arm yourself. I no longer acknowledge this malignant monster as my government, it is an impostor which has usurped America.

So I declare: Be gone from us yea goblins, orcs and ogres of ignorance who serve the black wizards… for your time of darkness is over… the light is now Dawning and your masters’ towers are falling! Behold! I have summoned the great Dragons of Light: Eka and Pymander to devour thee! Ban! Ban! Ban Rabishu! Flee thee to the pit and return to your dark habitations! Trespass no more on the minds of men. So Mote it Be!

The Lie of Terrorism

August 28th, 2011

The Lie of Terrorism

Any competent military strategist knows that killing innocent civilians of the enemy, who are the friends and family of those soldiers, only empowers that enemy. Filling them with rage, hate and vengeance which they will now only use to fight to the death in order to avenge their loved ones. The ONLY time killing civilians is an effective strategy is when it is done in mass and it is in their manufacturing districts… for in this way the enemy’s war machine is crippled.
To kill innocent civilians a few here and there solves nothing strategically, save causing some short lived fear in the domestic populace, but most likely a greater portion of long lived rage, hatred, and vengeance, which is only used to encourage their troops is manifested. Therefore, no true military entity would utilize this technique. True military targets are: political and military leaders and their command centers, other combat units and their supply chains, industry hubs… that is the buildings themselves…possibly even WITH the valuable skilled labor who run them, and communications networks.
The people who hurt innocent civilians to cause fear in the civilians are usually their own government; to either get their people to accept new “laws” and or to rouse their anger against a foe who the act is blamed upon. There is no other use for this strategy! If the people would realize the simple truths in the above two paragraphs then they would begin to look at each of these vile acts with more suspicion, and begin seeing through the lie.
If a “terrorist” group really did exist, and they really wanted to hurt another nation, they would attack strategic targets as mentioned in the above second paragraph. To attack innocent civilians is like going into a street fight and stepping on a man’s toe instead of hitting him with a bat! Now, on the other side of this coin, a nation that attacks itself to provoke anger, is like the boxer who hits himself in the face before a fight to psyche himself up. By doing this no significant war powers are harmed, ever!
Watch these attacks, they are never targeting ANYTHING strategic. Never is a leader threatened, never is a significant factory destroyed and never is their a military target… it is simply a LIE! Not even the most uneducated fool would waste his/her time on such insignificant targets… think about it, if they put all that time, energy and thought into making a bomb… do you really think they would waste it on an impotent target? Even the little kids in Viet Nam knew to at least target a soldier! Even Pablo Escobar targeted leaders and political buildings… in fact he even Befriended the citizens and won their affection to the point that they mourned him when he died! Now that is strategy.
Don’t be fooled by the lie. The real terrorists are in the governments of the world, at the tops of corporations, and in the media. They use YOU to kill and accept the murder of others while their hands stay clean. Thou Shall Not Kill! There is NO sub clause! Do NOT be a hypocrite and accept that this commandment is null and void when at times of your choosing! Can’t you see that war in itself is one of the greatest of sins? Kill after kill after kill of your fellow children of God, and then you go to your church on Sunday and think that everything is alright again? FOOLS! Ye commit the sin! Ye are the guilty! And your brothers’ blood cries out to God and screams YOUR name, NOT the name of the leader who deceived you to do it! ANYONE encouraging or accepting the murder of their fellow brother for whatever fantastic reason is a servant of darkness, period. PERIOD!
So, what will you allow people to convince you to do? What will you continue to tolerate? What will you encourage others to do? In this will be seen what force you truly serve. … and make damn sure your decisions are not made for you.

– Great prayers for Love, Light and Life to you and the world my brothers and sisters. May this darkness continue to crack and breakup in the coming dawn as the full awareness returns to mankind. Peace and Abundance to thee my brethren.

The Sharp Hacker

April 20th, 2011

The Sharp Hacker

There once was a sharp young hacker

Who was known in the game as James

He lost his day job at the factory

And then needed some money to raise

He tried best he could for a real job

And then tried his hands on the street

But the economy was having not either

And soon he was hungry for eats

He realized in dismay that his neighbors

Worked not a lick in their lives

But somehow managed to make it

And somehow managed to thrive

He found out that old uncle sam

The same one that stole all his pay

Was handing it out to his neighbors

Practically the very next day!

Quickly he dove to his laptop

And began solving all of the above

By hacking into welfare computers

And erasing all files said above

While he was there he then decided

That all of them might as well go

So with a few clicks on his keyboard

All of the files were no more

He thought again of old uncle sam

And his massive taxing scam

Which took from him and his mother

As well as his father and brother

Every extra penny they earned

Which quickly then uncle sam burned

Or handed out to the lazy

Or even the criminally crazy

So he hacked into the IRS

to witness the peoples’ distress

and he erased every file that he found there

and even degaussed their excess

so that the IRS in dismay

had no one to tax the next day

forcing his neighbors to sell their den

which James had bought for them

to James in that very same week

for a fraction of the price on that street

but then old uncle sam came a knockin’

with his thugs and billy-clubs rockin’

saying that no man can steal but he

and that freedom is not free

but you see James was not to be found

not there or anywhere around

for the riots he knew would rise up there

and engulf uncle sam and his thugs

came on just like clockwork

and they reduced each other with slugs

as James with the tax free patriots

miles away from tyranny’s feet

celebrated a life of liberty

and oppression’s deserved defeat!

I Conquer by Social Engineering

April 20th, 2011

I Conquer by Social Engineering

Assume that I am a tyrant, evil king, despotic emperor, or any other power mad man in control of a nation, who desires to control other nations that were not mine, I would do a couple of things.

First let’s assume that the country I wanted to conquer was much stronger than mine, more people, more guns, more money, more food, more health, etc etc.  In all ways they have me beat.  Well, one way that they do not have me beat is because I have nothing and my people and I grew up struggling, therefore we are familiar with the basic necessities and truths of harsh nature . . . the facts of which some “advanced” societies drift from.

You see, in my country women don’t have rights simply because they don’t have the physical power to exert them, just as our weak males have no rights, they simply get beat down and thrown into the nearest Cane field to rot when they try, no politics, just harsh nature at work, you know – might makes right, it is just common sense here.  Also, my country doesn’t have art and leisure simply because we have no time, we are to busy trying to harvest today’s meal rather than worry about such pointless things like that.

Listen, when I look at your country and see how little you work compared to us it makes me sick.  It is then that  I see your weakness, and it is upon this that I get my great idea to have you destroy yourselves since obviously my country is no match for yours . . . yet.

I collect my greatest thinkers, (few yes, but I feed them well) and we write “philosophies” and spread our works to key personages in nearby countries to rewrite similar works in their native tongue and again pass the books on until the books rest in the country we intend to conquer far removed from our initial penmanship.

Here are the basic concepts that I teach:

I Teach passivity and anti-war ideas as a “higher” frame of thought.  Therefore when we come to conquer, nobody will rise up against us.

I Teach vegetarianism, and non strenuous workouts so that when we come to conquer those who do rise up will be physically weak and easily extinguished.

I Teach Love and sympathy for failing countries like mine, so that when we come to conquer, many will join us.

I Teach hatred for their own government so that when we come to conquer their will be little social order to organize any significant resistance.

I Encourage homosexuality as population reduction so that there will be less of them when we come to conquer.

I Feminize their males so that when we come to conquer their will be no force in their resistance.

I Encourage fixation upon nonessential things such as pornography, partying, TV,  and all other forms of time wasting “entertainment” so that when we come to conquer, the population will be significantly removed from reality, and unskilled in anything significant to repel our invasion.

I Encourage drinking, smoking and drug use to have them fight amongst themselves and to effectively weaken their minds, bodies and spirits, for that day we come to conquer.

I Take weapons from the sound minded and give them to the poor and desperate to effectively cause internal chaos.  To enhance this mechanism, I have a large genre of music propaganda encouraging thievery, murder, lust, gang activity, etc which will also enhance our drug sales bringing us more money while simultaneously weakening the country we intend to destroy.

I encourage propagation amongst the depraved and celibacy in the intelligent to create a inept population to easily rule over after I have conquered them.

I turn the police into my servants, watching the people instead of watching over them, punishing and fining  them for the most insignificant issues while leaving the true criminals (also my servants) alone.

I encourage selfishness and to take advantage of your fellow humans at all costs which effectively weakens countless aspects of a society.

I train the people to accept being told what to do and to ask permission for anything that they happen to think up on their own.

I Convince people of all of the above mindsets to run for office in their local government effectively expediting My agenda with out them even knowing it . . . well most of them.

(Laughs maniacally) Well, you see America?  I almost have you beat.  Just give me a bit more time . . .

. . . for all I have left to target are a few free thinkers and a handful of aware hardened individuals.

~ continues diabolically laughing as if watching a fool sinking in a tar pit ~

Be Aware



Fall! Dangling from Trees!

November 22nd, 2010

Fall! Dangling from Trees!

In this Autumn season I usually revel in the majestic colors and insight gained from observing this natural mechanism of the planet. However, this year I have had a much more debased outlook, and the leaves dangling from the trees only remind me of America and its people dangling and seized, fixed to be blown to the ground by the slightest breeze.
I have grown far beyond weary of the unending corruption in government and business. So weary that my fatigue, mostly generated from the tolerance indoctrinated into my mind since genesis, has devoured all fear I used to have of this immense system, said to “see all” but its evident now that it cannot. I have grown so weary of this world of corruption that living within it is now unbearable and I have finally fully understood the motto “Live Free or Die”. As, now, this world is so corrupt I actually desire not to be here any longer, I would rather be dead, and if I knew of any other planet; I would have left long ago!
Thus; I now have no fear, no tolerance, and realize that the supposed all seeing elite are merely servants of the blind god and are just as blind as he, and merely attempt to make the rest of humanity as blind as they. It is failing, and that, they still cannot see. Darkness is the only medium through which they can successfully move, groping their way from one clasped material matter to another. Every soul they make ignorant, and thus blind, snuffs out the light of that soul and contributes to the Dark Sea in which they may travel. In His haste (the blind god), his servants reveal themselves in their unfounded arrogance, the poetic flaw of their hasteful strategy, unable to see the brilliant lights of the powerful souls still remaining. For, what always happens when darkness steps into the light? They will Fall as the dead leaves and dead wood that they are, which merely hinder the growth of the Mighty Tree of Humanity.
I will not hide the dark aspect of my imagination in this final hour of Scorpio, when I gaze at the leaves dangling from the trees, I see only the lifeless bodies of infidelity! The corrupt rightfully hung in public view. . . Aghast! You exclaim as I write that which you dare not to, or I say that which you fear to think, because the grip of the system deep into your mind sinks.
I will not hide my thoughts from this monster which has in its power all those blind souls we call “corrupt” or “asleep”. My intention is to do all in my power to destroy and dismantle it, and reestablish righteousness and light in this realm of darkness and decay.
Confront this thought honestly; Our military and police officers watch US, not the corrupt. They along with our representatives work for the corporations not US, they are all simply revenue generating machines and nothing more! So ponder now, a neglected people beyond frustration; and suddenly, upon a breaking dawn, is found the body of a well know corrupt government official hanging dead amidst the autumn leaves . . . now confront this thought honestly; do you think their actions would then change? They continue with their corruption only because THEY HAVE NO FEAR! My brethren, It is time to instill fear within them as they have been doing to US for far too long. Their fear is all lies, yet Ours shall be All Truth!

HUNG! I say, and Dangling from the trees! FALL! I exclaim, as they drop like the leaves!

Are you not tired of a government treating you like a child, constantly telling you what you can and cannot do? Are you not a grown Man or Woman capable of governing yourself? Evolution happens in all systems, from the one celled life forms to the sophistication of the human organism . . . likewise, this form of government is an extinct creature, it is now time for its evolved successor . . . The People governing THEMSELVES and NONE OTHER.
Acknowledge no more any authority other than yourself and your maker, even if they threaten your life as all evil things do. Stand strong as a sovereign citizen of the Divine Kingdom of God (or whatever name you give it). Encourage all you know to do the same. Simply stop acknowledging an evil system as an authority, bow only to righteousness at all times!

HUNG! I say, and Dangling from the trees! FALL! I exclaim, as they drop like the leaves!

Amen, let it be done!

The Declaration of Independence Movie

April 28th, 2010

Hello all,

Please watch my Declaration of Independence movie on YouTube at:


It is my first YouTube video, I just finished uploading it. It draws parallels between the present corruption and that of the past. If you like it Please share it with your friends!

You can also directly download an HD version from my website (Warning 2GB!!):

Many Thanks for your time!

The Call of Cthulu (Revealed)

April 23rd, 2010

Some of you may have read the horror stories of HP Lovecraft, and of that few, a small percentage may realize that Lovecraft is often alluding to much deeper concepts. Lovecraft was adept at ancient studies and was familiar with many texts in their original script. His word “Cthulu” comes from a demon name in the Quran; Ad’Kadhulu, which means “The Abandoner”.
The reason why Lovecraft explains this hulking behemoth, big as a mountain, as being vaguely humanoid with an Octopus head is because of its name. The name implies an entity, of extensive knowledge and very powerful Will to create, but with no ability to persevere in the initial desire, thus its force is constantly “abandoned” and thus made impotent and unfruitful. Countless fruits attempted, but not one fulfilled, all being only half formed monstrosities of the original intended fruit/idea due to the flaw in the application of its Will, its weakness of Haste. Thus he is like Echidna’s mate Typhon, constantly, yet feebly, impregnating the mother of all monsters.
A focused, persistent and determined Will is rigid and perfectly symmetrical because it was brought to utter completion. It is more like a platonic solid rather than a writhing body of an octopus with hardly any solid or stable points; an ever changing mass, whose form is as close to chaos as one can get without losing form itself. While the platonic solid is definite, balanced, stable, definable Order, and thus a symbol of a sound, fruitful Will come to completion.

“The Call of Cthulu” stresses that Cthulu lies “dead but dreaming” (in other words; creating with impotence, a wasted force) and will awaken and arise, (with the help of his undying cult) in an apocalyptic age infecting the minds of men, driving most insane. This is no fiction. It is reality veiled in fanciful personifications. The undying cult are all those who may have powerful will, but have incompletely and hastily thought through their actions and thus their manifested results are unbalanced and incomplete, whether purposely or accidentally. Those of this mindset are no more ordered as a cohesive group any more than the extent to which they consciously comprehend the degree of unfullfillment (flaw) of their initial intent/will, that is if they bothered to even clearly visualize an intent initially. For far too many souls are consumed by desire, not Thought. Furthermore, frequency of these tainted/unbalanced ideas, revealed in modern government “policy” or “law” and countless other facets of this present insane society, shows that these endless Monsters of Echidna are increasing in number and afflicting mankind’s peaceful and simple existence with their maelstroms of imperfect ideas based on self fulfilling desires and not sound holistic thought. This imbalance causes power and energy to flow imbalanced, it flows from the many to the few and the rest is wasted, as opposed to each soul being empowered equally.
The society thus erected upon such madness, waste and haste directly saps time itself (in the form of human work energy) from the people, due to the selfish inefficiency of the founding unsound concepts, and thus the little time left is further used for even more hasty half thought through desires, causing even more people to follow the same method of hasteful behavior . . . and Ad’Kadhulu is then firmly nested within more minds, continuing an ever darkening cycle; for no fruit unfulfilled can cast the light of divinity. Thus the realm of Cthulu darkly shimmers with “green ooze” which is the fire of divine creative thought attempting to burst into fruition but given no force, and thus it is snuffed out into the darkness of the bottomless sea of the mind. And there it stays, imprisoned under “Mount Aetna” which is the crown from which all perfected thoughts flow to and from.
It must here be said that the True “Illuminati” are not servants of this corrupted and unfruitful force of multiplicity, they serve the One force of perfect fruition. In fact, those who do serve the fruitless force, knowingly or unknowingly, are the failed weaklings in the trek up to the illumination of Mount Aetna, for they know of great power, but cannot properly wield it, and have not the strength to ever reach the top, but mask and veil that fact to themselves and all beneath them. Thus is revealed the Anti-thesis, or remedy, or “binding” of this Demon. As big as it is, as vast as its knowledge, as many as its failed and deceived servants and children, it is very weak. It is the multitude of its failures(children) that makes it seem so huge, or as the Apex itself, but not one of its many parts are complete and stable, they are all flawed.
The “sword” or “lightning bolt” that pierces this dragon’s scales is but One thought, any One thought clearly visualized and then Fully, totally and completely brought to completion without thinking or starting Any Other Thought, until that One initial thought is brought FULLY to fruition, and then, from atop Mount Aetna, many a vista will be revealed. The blackness below the mount will be seen to be nothing but a sea of failures and imperfections of various degrees, with only One pure thought able to occupy the apex. The thought upon which all sound actions must rest, the thought upon which a True and Just society must be built.
Within the sea of blackness below, it hides itself, blanketed/protected by its legions of failed creations, every failure only fueling its desire to create more, yet equally increasing its haste and impatience in the growth of the seed planted; desiring only the end result without applying the work of nurturing the seed to fruition. Thus it is hollow, a beginning with no middle and only dreams of an end. Hence it is a deceiver boasting of power and force while hiding its impotence. Threatening that its monstrosities are complete and competent and thereby instilling fear in the ignorant, who then cower to the legions of failure and forfeit their persistence to reach the top, becoming another member of the legion of weaklings. It, nor any of who cower to it, will never have the strength to reach the apex. It can only attempt to bring down all from the apex to below itself and establish itself as the apex in its shame and concealment of its incompetence. The power of control filling its void where the feeling of “successful completion” has yet to be. Its only purpose is then to “challenge future heroes from reaching the top ”, The very reason why Zeus left Echidna alive.
So then, will you act in waste and haste, and hurry your thoughts and actions for “lack of time” when it is truly infinite? Will you Hasten your action to be victorious over your brother when you are truly One? Will you resolve as fast as you can to make the quickest buck, focusing only on the making of that buck and none of its infinite consequences? Will you consciously or unconsciously contribute to the work of the Abandoner whose realm is waste?
Or, will you stop, and calmly and thoroughly command how your thoughts and actions can benefit the evolution of humanity while simultaneously sustaining yourself comfortably? Will you thoroughly draw out a noble goal and then steadily persist until it manifests? Will you consciously assist in binding Chaos back into the Pit? Or will you assume that since Chaos is outside of you and not within you that it must not be a part of you?
With the following of this formula by every soul on this earth, this age of Chaos can be ended, and Cthulu bound back in his tomb, returning sanity to mankind, along with their ability to clearly see the weak servants of multiplicity, by reigning in a tight control over their own mind and creative desires. For Blaise Pascal stated “All of Man’s troubles stem from his inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”
Thus the New World Order will either be light or darkness. Light if the transformation happens within every individual and radiates out to the world from their divine spark. Dark if each individual snuffs out their own creative force and follows the simple yet fruitless methods of flawed beings outside of them. Thus the transformation of each individual will be either internal or external, exterior control or internal self control, control by another or control by the self, Rule by another, or Rule by the Self. Thoughts orchestrated for the benefit of the minor self, or for the benefit of the greater Self of Humanity. The time is Nigh, and the balance is about to tip, which side will you lend effort to?
Don’t try to change the world, change yourself, this will inspire others to do the same, the collective result is then the changed world which you seek. Bind your portion of Chaos!

Ban Rabishu!

The Silver Radio Broadcast

April 14th, 2010


     One of the biggest roadblocks to undoing the web of the Fed is the masses’ lack of awareness of the mechanics of the Fed Note, e.g. How it is made, how it came to be,  etc., as well as alternatives to it as a system.  The fed note is like a bad habit, real easy to pick up and use and very hard to quit.  The makers of the system worked hard to ensure that it was the most convenient medium to use.  It is this very convenience that keeps many aware citizens from using other systems such as silver.

     The more people who use a system the more powerful it becomes; thus the power of a system is directly related to the number of people supporting/using it.  As such, if people are made to flow away from a system, it loses power and the alternate system(s) gain.  Any new system has bugs and inefficiencies and is therefore cumbersome at first, not convenient to use, and consequentially repulsive to many new users, directly impeding its growth.  With use and time all things evolve towards efficiency.  Thus it is imperative that the pioneers of any new system persevere and be responsible to eliminate all impediments (bugs) to the efficient flow of the system as well as the transition away from the old system, thereby creating the same or superior convenience which attracted the masses to the opposing system, thus expediting the flow of lay users into the new system.

     To facilitate the collapse of the Fed, propaganda may be the most powerful weapon as opposed to petitions, rallies and bills that fall on deaf ears and blind eyes, which usually target the corrupt minority anyway (politicians and such).  I suggest simple radio broadcasts targeting the masses, the very same method used by the CIA for many population mindset shifting tactics, circumnavigating the entire government.  The idea is to get people used to accepting silver as Real Wealth and realizing the Worthlessness of the Fed Note.  When people hear of controversial things from a single person on the street or even a website, they are liable to dismiss that person’s statements as quackery.  But when the same message is heard over a radio, for some magical reason, the people listen to it as an authority and more readily accept the information.


Remember, radio reaches over 90% of the population daily.


Here is a sample broadcast:

In an excited, hip, young female voice:


“Hey (your city) get ready to start seeing a new coin around town, that’s right, a beautiful silver [exaggerated] coin.  99% pure silver [exaggerated] and perfectly legal!  coming in denominations of (whatever coins you propose to introduce)! . . . Did you know that the coins and paper money you use every day are not even worth the material they are printed on?  Not So with the new silver coins, they are True Value and their use actually helps our struggling economy!  So don’t delay and ask your employer to pay in the new Silver [exaggerated] TODAY!”


So, be a patriot and finance a massive change in the monetary system by paying for two things in your city:

1.  A one month radio broadcast ( like the above example) on a popular middleclass channel


2.  At least $1000 (more if you are willing!) in misc silver coins, (I am not suggesting that you give these away, just start using them to purchase things, and talk to each person you buy from, especially telling them how cool it is using silver.  As such, you are not losing this money.  Unfortunately, I would not try to focus on getting the masses to understand the “why” of the system and its opposition, as many cannot or will not comprehend such things and will simply get bogged down and repulsed by such intellectual blathering, so just focus on the “cool, new, hip” aspects of using silver, and over time the reasoning for doing so will be understood on its own.)


     With the people aware of silver as true wealth and the hollowness of the Fed note, coupled with them seeing silver in use within their shops, carried by people and hearing about it on the radio; it will then begin to get increasingly easier to do business in silver.  Soon businesses will rise up catering to silver and the system will grow in power.  In time, no one will accept the fed notes, and the weakened fed will then be much easier to dismantle.



PS:  Be an even bigger patriot and take all of your money OUT of the banks As soon as you can.  If you must still use fed notes, only put money into your account moments before you write a check.

“Go Fish” – A better look at the nonsense of “income tax”

April 13th, 2010


     When you go fishing and catch a fish how is any one entitled to a piece of that fish but you?  When you plant a tomato seed and it bears tomato fruits after you have nurtured it, how is anyone entitled to a piece of that tomato but you?


     Labor/work is effort expended towards a goal, and that goal is FRUIT.  Whether in the form of a fish, a tomato, a house which you built, etc . . . it matters not the form assumed by the energy which you have exerted, it is still YOUR energy albeit in a different form, even if in the form of silver or fed notes.


    Now back to the fish.  It is agreed and plainly seen (by any rational, sane, and healthy mind) that no one is entitled to a piece of your caught fish or grown tomato.  But suppose that you really wanted a tomato instead of a fish; and your neighbor, a tomato farmer, really wanted a fish instead of a tomato.  With a knock on his door and a quick swap of goods, you both enjoy the food of your desire.  Now how can anyone beside you and the neighbor be entitled to a piece of the fish or a piece of the tomato so traded?  Seems ridiculous to even suggest that someone would be so entitled doesn’t it?


     Now say that you caught 20 fishes and your neighbor caught none, but you happen to need your garden tilled, however; you are exhausted from fishing.  You elect to give your neighbor ten of the fishes if he tills your garden. Hungry, your neighbor goes to work straight away.  Now how is anyone else entitled to a piece of the fishes given to your neighbor?


     Now that it is clearly seen that in no scenario is any one entitled to the fruits of ones labor but that one who exerted the energy to manifest that “fruit”, and moreover, that the fruit is redeemable for anyone else’s fruit for whatever exchange rate is so desired and agree upon (whether it is ten dollars an hour, ten fishes an hour, or ten fishes for ten tomatoes). 


     So now, replace all of the above fishes and tomatoes with dollar bills. . .  Suddenly some mysterious third party is somehow entitled to a piece of every single transaction, whether you work for yourself or are paid by an “employer”.  How the hell did this illogical nonsense come to be accepted?  Do you accept it?  Does it honestly make any sense whatsoever?  It is obviously completely flawed logic, Regardless of the unconstitutionality of income tax and all of the other arguments against it.


     So Please, stop accepting it and their malignant laws surrounding it, and don’t let someone take the fish that you caught, just kindly tell them to “Go Fish”, and if they show a gun, then show them how clean yours is also.  Do not forget that they are the minority who only succeeds in dominating by fear generated by their legion of ignorant “enforcers”.  There are too many of us to persecute (by their corrupt laws) all at once, so simply refuse to pay, and get five others to refuse to pay. . . for they are clearly thieves!


     For the record – I have not paid taxes for years and I am not going to pay them in the future.  If it was voluntary and we had a Just government, I would gladly contribute.  I stopped cowering to this corrupt system and vow to be the biggest thorn in its side as I possibly can be until I or It dies.  I now have whoever is hiring me purchase silver with their own fed notes and then pay me directly in silver, nullifying the need for a 1099 for I do not touch the corrupt Fed notes.  Just like trading a fish for a tomato.  Furthermore, I refuse to be demanded to answer to a government who is MY servant, as if I was Its servant.  I keep no records, for I don’t want to remember the past, after all, what’s the point, it no longer exists.  Thus I have no papers to be secure in, or searched through by thieves.  Furthermore, on tax sheets, when it asks how much you made that year, it is infeasible to write down “4 tons of tomatoes” . . . just as it is writing “4 pounds of Silver”.  Leave the thieves to come up with “evidence” that attempts to bind you into their corrupt system of slavery.  Be Free, Be Sovereign, Bow to None but your God. 



     So what do I do with the silver?   – that’s another article.  Until then, use my technique, tell your customers/employers/general contractors/etc to buy silver and pay you in silver (and DO NOT put it in a bank!).  Giving you a box of silver is no different then giving you a lamp, or a homemade cookie for your job well done.


Be Bold, and Mighty Forces Will Come to Your Aid – Basil King


(. . . and to the thieves:  Please keep a copy of this for YOUR records, LOL!)