The Blasted Tower

April 9th, 2010

Free Speech is the right to say something which someone else might not like.  To say something and do something are two different things, this is why punishment for “threats” is an infringement upon free speech.  For you could say for twenty years that you were going to smack your neighbor but never do a dang thing – so what harm was done?  The fear in the mind of the threatened person is what does the damage, and that fear is self generated, thus they are harming themselves.

The Instant you are afraid to say or write something your Free Speech Has Been Compromised!

So in that light, I shall exercise the sharpest point of my tongue and pen to encourage others to do the same:


The Blasted Tower


Judges and magistrates be forewarned

Tarring and feathering has returned

Thy courts of corruption are adjourned

Thy homes to the ground shall be burned


Politicians, politicians hear our cry

For crimes against humanity yea all shall die

Yea lawyers who bind freemen to a cell

Shall be bound by the neck and hung over hell


And yea corporate owners – you think we’ve forgotten

All thy secret deeds and spirits rotten

Alas we come for each one of you

And lead yea to the pit, two by two


Yea soothsaying media broadcasting lies

Silently pleading that sovereignty dies

Convincing the ignorant to self imposed chains

Gleefully as long as you’re at the reigns


Wasting no time as your lives too are lost

The stain of you all from humanity washed

Just as True Justice works not in your courts

Neither will your “justice” be heard in our works


Your pointless empire to the ground has crumbled

Elitist demons, naked, now humbled

Alas thy victory was within thy grasp

And slipped fast away by Divine Wrath.


— The Final Horseman

Forced Purchases

April 8th, 2010


Wouldn’t it be awesome if the Law itself forced people to purchase your product?  Say that you manufactured expensive solar panels and no one could afford them. As such, you were going broke . . . but then you happened to convince the government that it must be law for every one to have a solar panel. . . to save energy and the planet of course, and to protect the people from their own destruction as every other law does.


Well that is exactly what the insurance industry has done.  You MUST have car insurance, and you MUST have workman’s compensation.  Some people argue for the insurance and how it protects others . . . well, I want to examine this:


1. Car Insurance:  It is true that car accidents cause incredible damage as mechanical and medical expense that is outside of the range of the common person.  However, if it is a “forced” payment then it should be a publicly owned non-profit service.  NO forced purchase can be privatized (ponder the above solar panel seller). 

     By making it a community fund, the premiums would be lower because all of the private profit is taken out of the picture.  And that private profit is substantial, for if it wasn’t, insurance companies would not grow as large as they are or be able to spend so much on advertising, nor would they desire to be in the business.  So either make it:  1. optional and privatized; this way everyone on the road “drives at their own risk”.  Or 2.  Mandatory non-profit community fund with the exact same payment for everyone.


2.  Worker Compensation:  I am sorry, but if you hurt yourself it was your fault.  How can you get money off of man “A” when you hit yourself with your own hammer, when man “A” was three states away?  No matter the severity, if you want money and you elect to do a risky action for that money, that is YOUR OWN RISK no body else’s!  How can someone else be forced to pay for your own failure in  a risky situation, like falling out of a tree while climb-cutting.  If you were a pro it wouldn’t happen, if you are an amateur you shouldn’t have been there, and if was an accident – You Knew the Risk which you elected to take for the monetary compensation.  If it is very risky; CHARGE MORE! Or don’t do it.  Workers compensation should be eliminated without delay, this would give employers more money to pay their workers better so that they can buy Risk Reducing Equipment and Skills enhancing both the employee and the employer’s safety level.  As for disabling accidents, there exists disability funds.

Otherwise, as above, it must either be a) optional and privatized thus an employee could choose whether he wants to risk working for an uninsured employer.  or b) A mandatory and non-profit community pool of all the state/nation’s employers AND employees equally.


Else, we could all lobby this corrupt government to make all of our products a must have by law.   I am sure that we will have no problems passing these laws if we offer them a big enough kickback.  Then we can rape the people right along side them!  YAHOO!  Sounds Grrrreat!

The New Definition of Government

April 7th, 2010


1.  Government is naught but a mechanism that impedes the efficient evolution and functioning of mankind by acting as a resistor or stumbling block between man and the application of man’s will to the environment, as well as acting as a load-dump or short circuit to all of man’s exerted energy by sub-mechanisms such as “tax”, “fees”, “required permits”, “required licenses”, “required insurance”, “regulation”, etc.


2.  Government is an action needed only for things that cannot govern themselves, such as children or savages, intended to induce “civilized” behavior for their own benefit.


3.  Government is a system of control by a small group of people over a  large group of people whose seats of power are sought out by the corrupt to fashion the system to their own selfish needs instead of the needs of the people, as it was intended to do, by writing up pieces of paper called “law” whose words are forced upon the people by a deceived third party such as “military” or “police”.


4.  Government is often initially a servant of the people, easily corrupted,  which then serves no purpose but to bind those people and induce fear into their every action by threat of “law enforcement”.  “What servant can do such to its master?  When a dog corners its owner that dog needs shot.”


Note: Government’s existence is maintained by fear and forfeiture of personal responsibility; for every law created is supposedly to protect the people from something, a thing that they should do for themselves.


As can be seen the existence of government is only needed because of the amount of people still in existence who cannot or will not govern themselves, and would rather have someone else tell them what to do.  For that is all government is in its most naked form: 


5.  One person (or group) telling another person (or group) what to do, and how to behave.


Broken down to these bare definitions . . . governing doesn’t seem to be the noble practice it is often made out to be, does it?  And it only works when the subservient group accepts what they are being instructed to do, or if the deceived third party is significantly large and significantly deceived to frighten the subservient group.


–  When the people stop accepting being told how to behave Liberty begins to blossom.

–  When the third party is no longer deceived,  “law” is reduced back to the worthless pieces of paper it is, and freedom rings.

–  When “Government” is wholly removed or at least significantly reduced, Eutopia will emerge.


Note:  The above system is usually defended by people who a) directly benefit from government existence, b) people who refuse to govern/protect themselves, forfeiting their responsibility to do so, or c) people who were deceived into misunderstanding/accepting  government’s bare mechanisms outlined above.  Those who accept it usually are part of group “b” and those who misunderstand become members of a third party of enforcement, who then only assist in binding their fellow man to the will of the small “governing” group.


For a practical method of minimized government spread equally to each and every person of the union, read this book, it is the next step in civilization management.  Read it, practice it, and be a part of the movement, it is growing fast, for the Old Paradigm is Crumbling:

What have you got to hide?

April 6th, 2010

When privacy breaching actions, laws and legislation are debated the following phrase is often used by the supporters of such insidious trespass: “What have you got to hide?”

Well I am going to be blunt here my fellow liberty lovers, (and even you federal chumps who monitor this website and my telephone) 🙂

Every thief in the world wants to know “what you have to hide”, and I am sick and tired of actually having to defend such common sense positions.

I am at my wits end with the bubbling over of corruption led by fools who can barely read a teleprompter, wits end with the stupendous degree of idiocy of the common person. Wits end over having to write articles delineating the most elementary things to brain washed zombies who have not the capacity to even understand the simplest of matters. And even at my wits end with Impotent Liberty groups who do nothing but drag their feet, talk big stories, beg for money and get nothing significant accomplished, almost as if they worked for the very corruption they are said to oppose.

So I tell you all this in answer to “What have I got to hide”:

As soon as you deliver to me all of the personal home addresses and GPS coordinates thereof of every politician, lawyer, judge, banker, Multi-national corporation CEO, as well as the location of every member in their family, and the schools their children go to, as well as the detailed financial report of each aforementioned individual and how their money is kept as well as how much in material assets reside at the aforementioned GPS coordinates, the time of day each individual goes to their occupation or most frequently visited area, and the frequency thereof, number of employees and most common whereabouts of each employee (such as an employed security team), whether or not they have large pets such as guard dogs, any weapons, and a blue print of their house.

Once all of this is in public domain I will consider revealing all of the same, because by then, the enemies of the aforementioned will have robbed them all blind, ransomed their little boys, sold their daughters on the slave market, and executed the largest portion of them.

So let me ask you, what have YOU got to hide? Kinda works both ways doesn’t it?

An important Note on Militias and Federal Armies

January 11th, 2010


An important Note on Militias and Federal Armies


1.  US Constitution Article 1, Section 8 Clause 12:


The Congress shall have Power . . .  :


To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than Two Years;


2.  US Constitution Article 1, Section 8 Clause 15:


The Congress shall have Power . . .  :

To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;


3.  US Constitution Article 1, Section 8 Clause 16:


The Congress shall have Power . . .  :

To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;


     As you can see, the Federal Army was supposed to be a temporary thing.   The MILITIA was the Permanent force that was supposed to be funded, supported, encouraged, organized, armed etc to handle ALL affairs within their locality of any proportion, NOT a “police” force and NOT a Federal Army.  A Force of THE PEOPLE.


Please Wake Up




Please Pass this On

Tar and Feathers

December 8th, 2009



     My friends, it is time to revive the practice of Tarring and Feathering.  There is so much anger and frustration of the people with their useless “representatives” and so little time for them to retaliate due to a system of “work” that exhausts every citizens’ time and energy each day, so that they have none left to fight the cause of all the nonsense.

     I ask you to step out of the system, to take the loss in wages, and dedicate that newfound time to organizing and focusing your power with your fellow citizens.  Plan and act upon your plans, tolerate nothing any longer.  I am not encouraging you to do violence (yet), but I am encouraging you to seek retribution and, at least, send powerful messages.  Not to organizations, not to your fellow exploited and deceived people, but ONLY to the few specific Persons at fault.

     When angry, many people fight with their fists to settle a dispute and to vent their frustrations.  The result is usually an Assault charge, which is really not that serious of a punishment, especially for the first offence.  Now assault actually hurts someone, if you do it right that is, and to some, it might be worth it for the minor punishment in return.  Just imagine putting a black eye on the face of your favorite corrupt loony; doesn’t it bring a smile to your face?  Be Honest .

     However, I suggest that you do not hurt anyone physically, but mentally and socially.  This is why I mention Tarring and Feathering.  The victim of tar and feathering is not hurt, but just covered in a sticky substance for a few days and thoroughly humiliated.  So what would the punishment be?  Would it be assault or something else lesser like a cream pie in the face?  Would the action send a more powerful message than assault?   I believe so, especially if the frequency of the events became significantly high, such as at least one per day.  Not only is a message sent to the corrupt loony, but to the laughing masses who, seeing real justice done, want to join the fun.  You see, the punishment for Tarring and Feathering cannot be great,  else it could turn into a monumental court case, so it is worth the risk and well worth the fun.

     Who deserves this sort of embarrassing message?  Many Politicians, judges, lawyers, corporate executives, of this and of other nations who believe that they are too far away from the people to be touched.  I have my list, and I am sure that you have yours, now we just have to act upon it and remind them how outnumbered they are and how human they are.  The REAL revolution is about to begin, it will not be long and bloody like some fear . . . Oh no, it will be short and sweet;  so be prepared for the Night of the Long Feathers!

     So make sure you know where your favorite politician, judge, executive etc lives, mark it on your GPS and share the coordinates on every forum that you frequent.  Have all of your friends buy one bucket of tar and a bag of feathers, (they’re cheap).  Then sit back and wait for the next “straw” that breaks your back. 

     Irresponsibility needs punished.  The “Just Us” system obviously has no effect on the corruption of politicians and executives, it is impotent in its search and prosecution of them, and serves only to bind the innocent commoners  . . . thus, the people must now establish their own courts, and many on their list are already guilty as charged.

     If you and your group do not want to risk your livelihood by performing a real feathering, at least take Tar and Feathers to your next Tea Party!  — And, regardless; don’t forget to share your GPS coordinates!!


Oh, and if you think that I care that this post is classified as “Force” by the tyrannical Violent Radicalization Act, . . . LOL . . . come get me.  This post is an example of the TRUE reason for Freedom of Speech.  Don’t Forget it.


So Let It Be Written

So Let It Be Done.

The Poor Targeted for Poison

November 10th, 2009


     I want you all to pay attention to this and even more so; go to your local grocery store to verify my words.  Of all of the horrid additives in our foods today,  this paper will focus on BHT which is a known Mutagen, yet still allowed in foods.


     Go to the grocery store and look at generic foods and staple foods of the poor.  What are “staple foods of the Poor”?  Well, I owned a duplex in a ghetto for 11 years so I may be more familiar with them than some of you, let me list some (many have African American Mascots on the cover).  Aunt Jemima, Grits of all types, generic cereals, etc.  All of these will be found to contain BHT and if they do not they will contain Sodium Benzoate (also a known mutagen)


     Before continuing it must be known that BHT’s ONLY purpose is to slow FAT from spoiling.  Notice how many of the products in which it can be found contain none, nor are derived from Fatty ingredients!  Also Note that if you cannot find BHT in the ingredients . . . keep reading the box, you will also find this phrase ”BHT added to PACKING MATERIAL to help preserve freshness”  (this very statement is on Safeway brand corn flakes, what Fat is being protected?)  But, expensive corn flakes contain no BHT at all . . . do you wonder why?


     Furthermore, since ancient times The Act Of Drying IS An Act Of Preserving, there is no need for any other step.  The act of Pickling and Canning IS and act of Preserving.  These things do not need any preservatives!  Finally, even fatty foods, take reese’s peanut butter cups, loaded with BHT ; and contrast them with Ghirardelli fine white chocolate which has much more fat (white chocolate is practically pure fat!) yet, it sits on the shelf just as long, tastes way better and has NO preservatives.  Hmmmmmm.  I hope this makes you investigate this, and warn your friends, and bring it up at your local town meetings.


     You see, there is NO NEED for these things in your food, do not tolerate it, and Please, for your own health, do not buy anything with any of these poisons in it, in that way companies who use them will begin to suffer, instead of the people who eat them suffering.


For a short list of some of the most dangerous additives to avoid and their descriptions see:  


If you avoid all of the things on this list, you will find it very difficult to shop, yet you will become appalled at how thoroughly poisoned the food supply is. 


I am working on a much more extensive list,  and I will post it soon.  And please, go out and verify my words, it will sicken you.


One last time, PLEASE read the ingredients on everything that you put in your mouth, and don’t just read them, KNOW what the hell they are.


Thanks for reading this,

A Society Beyond Madness

September 30th, 2009


A Society Beyond Madness


     To erect a society from out of the dirt one most importantly needs to harness the ability to create food and water on demand – thus the Farmer is the single most important.  To continue the growth of the society this food needs transported to the people and those people need houses in which to dwell and to eat that food.  Thus, the Building Crafts and Transit Operators are the next important.

     To erect a society from out of the dirt one does not need anyone playing basketball, football, or any other games.  One does not need anybody singing their hearts out, or anyone painting or sculpting. However nice, it is merely cosmetic and non-essential, and wholly The Result Of a well established society!  Finally, one does not need people sitting on their ass writing endless rules and regulations and telling other people what to do while they do whatever they want, and do not help in the building of the society.

     It is now clear in the above two paragraphs that our present society rewards the most insignificant parts of the society such as: Actors, Artists, Singers, Sports Players, Lawyers and Politicians; all non-essential elements to the establishment of a society.  Yet, the most important elements, the craftsmen, and tradesmen, the farmers and transit workers, the ones who actually physically build and feed the society, are the lowest paid and respected.

     If this is not madness, it must be beyond the scope of that term.  The ones who physically manifest and uphold the society are spat upon by those who do nothing of significance, yet reap all the rewards of the established society, to which they lent no hand.  Yea, a revolution is brewing; but this author does not pray the cliché’ and impotent prayers of peace on earth and goodwill towards men, prayers meant to pacify the one praying into acceptance and impotence . . . He prays for the tolerance of the working masses to come to an abrupt halt, and their eyes be widely opened to the above simple truth and for God to give them the strength and wisdom to overcome and be rightfully established.  Amen.

Disbanded Government Departments and Reasoning Why

August 15th, 2009

List of Existing US Government Departments Disbanded or Assimilated by the Four Departments of the Simplified Individualistic Government

(List provides very breif explanation of reason of each verdict)


Quick Links by Individualistic Department: 0. Intro 1. GEP 2. HVR 3. LAFKI 4. PHMC

For a Quick Link to the assimilation procedures of each specific US Gov Dept., click its blue acronym below.


There are fifteen executive departments in the executive branch of the present US government.  They are assimilated into the refined Individualist system in varying degrees, their names are: 


1.  Department of Agriculture (USDA) 2.  Department of Commerce (DOC)

3.  Department of Defense (DOD) 4.  Department of Education (ED)

5.  Department of Energy (DOE) 6.  Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

7.  Department of Homeland Security (DHS) 8.  Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

9.  Department of Justice (DOJ) 10.  Department of Labor (DOL)

11.  Department of State (DOS) 12.  Department of the Interior (DOI)

13.  Department of the Treasury (T) 14.  Department of Transportation (DOT)

15.  Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)


     With the assimilation of each department comes a disbanding of a near countless group of administrations, agencies, authorities, boards, bureaus, centers, commissions, committees, divisions, and offices, amongst other names given to these wasteful and impotent vacuums to taxpayer money.  Each subdivision shall be examined and given clear reason as to its disbandment, therefore certain subdivisions will require extensive detail to make clear the reason of the disband and shed light on often obscured points.  Be it known that these suggested changes and new checks and balances proposed are to maintain the constitution of the United States, any proposed disbandment is deemed necessary to revert the union back to constitutionality.

In the coming sections which detail the Individualistic departments it will be discussed whether they maintain, disband or assimilate certain activities of the old world.  The implications of these three phrases are as follows:


Generally assimilated into the Individualistic system with little alteration.


Found to be either irreparable, obsolete, wasteful, corrupt, or a combination of these.  All records and patents etc. of all dismantled government divisions and subdivisions etc. are now the property of the people and in the care of LAFKI.


These departments also have faults to varying degrees.  All in all they are dismantled but whose general functions could be said to continue under the action of one of the four limbs of the Individualistic society.


*  Any subdivision not listed is to be assumed that it was rendered obsolete by the functions of the four offices of the Individualistic Populus and subsequently dissolved.



“Whether it is nobler in the minds of men to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles and thus by opposing, end them.”  — William Shakespeare


1. Executive Departments Assimilated by the GEP


a.  Mine Safety and Health Administration 

ASSIMILATED as part of the GEP, specifically, in the Populus Inspector department.


b.  Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

ASSIMILATED as part of the GEP, specifically, in the Populus Inspector department.



a.  CIA

DISBANDED The Individualists believe this department should be restricted from any covert activities.  Secretiveness in any form causes ignorance to the public and without all knowledge the public cannot make informed decisions.  Secretiveness to the public means operations in the hands of the few.  Secretiveness by a federal government implies that government has interests separate from the people.  The only purpose and interest of a federalgovernment is to peacefully act as an uniting force for the separate cells composing it.  Thus secretiveness is a threat to the people who are supposed to control that government.  How can something be called a friend and ally when it withholds information from its master?   If some thing is suspect, there is no reason to be covert, the actual knowledge of being suspected is a deterrent in itself.  A suspect is informed he is being watched.  All covert activities, such as bugs, computer spyware, etc can easily be turned against the public, like a guard dog biting its master.  Also it is recommended that an investigative body as this be simply an entity of intelligence collection and have no powers to enforce or detain.  This gives an agency too much power and takes the people out of the loop.  Therefore if all of these changes are made to the CIA it becomes no more than the GEP.  Thus, it is disbanded.

b.  GAO

DISBANDED (The Government Accountability Office) If one wants to know where all of the taxpayers’ money is disappearing to, do not inquire with the GAO.  Little truth flows from their quill. Nothing they say can be proven without taking years of time and millions of dollars to conduct the necessary independent research.  Thus, their lies are fireproof.  All money going into political pockets will be shown going into useless programs such as poverty abstinence education, losing over 100 million dollars per year to something a parent should teach.



2. Executive Departments Assimilated by the HVR


1.  Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)


     The department of Health and Human services should be entitled the department of Human Injustices.  This department along with its sub agencies creates any drama to justify the presence of their unnecessary departments only to sustain their own existence, not the well being of the citizens.  They are simply outlets for corrupt officials to lend money to organizations who will in turn return a “contribution” to them.  This money is none other than the people’s money, and little of it benefits them.  Of all of the executive departments this one will be examined most extensively.


a.  ACF – Administration for Children & Families

Wrongly titled federal aid, (taxpayer’s aid being a more precise term), Individual Welfare is a crutch which perpetuates weakness.  (This subject is discussed in detail on page 104)

The Individualists shall examine in detail the mission statements of this department and weigh them against reality.

“The Administration for Children and Families (ACF), within the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), provides national leadership and creates opportunities for families to lead economically and socially productive lives. ACF’s programs are designed to help children to develop into healthy adults and communities to become more prosperous and supportive of their members.”

Major Goals

“ACF is responsible for federal programs that promote the economic and social well-being of families, children, individuals and communities. ACF programs aim to achieve the following:”

The ACF succeeded in only creating dependency, the opposite of Independence, a cornerstone of democracy.

“Families and individuals empowered to increase their own economic independence and productivity”;

They succeed in the exact opposite, thus they fail their mission statement and need disbanded to prevent further waste and incompetent failure.

“Strong, healthy, supportive communities that have a positive impact on the quality of life and the development of children;”

Every welfare community is weak and rife with drugs, thievery and prostitution, causing all businesses to close.  This decreases available jobs and increases the dependency upon handouts.  Thus the children they claim to develop are only developed into better criminals who better understand the system of taxpayer handouts.  Again, great success in the exact opposite of what they claim. 

“Partnerships with individuals, front-line service providers, communities, American Indian tribes, Native communities, states, and Congress that enable solutions which transcend traditional agency boundaries;”

These partnerships are had because the dependency of their vast army of welfare recipients causes these recipients to vote in the favor of any politician or group declaring to assist welfare.  Thus this dependency is purposefully maintained as a guaranteed block of votes.

“Services planned, reformed, and integrated to improve needed access;”

Which increases dependency and all of the above mentioned forces by making the dispensation of handouts more efficient.

“A strong commitment to working with people with developmental disabilities, refugees, and migrants to address their needs, strengths, and abilities.”

Assisting in this manner weakens individual strengths, and abilities by not having individuals acquire their own needs thus exercising their own latent abilities and strengths.

SUMMARY:  This backward and blind department does exactly the opposite of what it claims.  It is disbanded without delay to engender recovery and healing of the communities it has corrupted with Individualistic self-sustenance knowledge and teaching.  Which will accordingly cut off voting assistance to those who support weakness in mankind to exercise control.

Simply by opening one’s eyes can one see that the level of poverty and number of destitute neighborhoods is rapidly increasing.  This establishment is obviously ineffective.


b.  AoA – Administration on Aging

DISBANDED This establishment is a smiling face of the venomous pharmaceutical industry.  It longs to convince as many people as possible that they are weak, and then lead them away from natural health care, such as proper diet and exercise.  It persuades them that there is a magic pill for every ailment, and gets them to take as much as possible.  The Medicare and grants they offer go directly to the pharmaceutical industry and their heinous associates, most of which are supplying unnecessary “health care” which taxes insurance and Medicare.

Programs supporting age are not needed in the Individualistic society.  The Individualistic elders are the icons of society.  They are the wisest, strong in mind, body and spirit. They have honed themselves continually to ever increasing perfection, not allowing themselves to waste away into decrepit invalids unable to remember what they had for breakfast.


c.  AHRQ – Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality

DISBANDED It is in this department where data reports, which may have been initially truthful and honest, are edited, tainted and finally released.  The information is skewed to make one favor and rely on products or services from specific providers in bed with government officials.  Competing health care providers are deemed low quality thereby directing the flow of business toward the corrupt.  


d.  CDC – Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

DISBANDED This department is a collection of paralyzed individuals who report only what is impossible to cover up any longer.  It is persistent and determined citizens, not the CDC, who eventually bring an end to the practice of using under tested chemicals in mass quantities.   These chemicals grant to the public the strange diseases like MS, Lou Gehrig’s disease and the endless types of “cancer”, the ambiguous name describing all unexplained mutation.  When this department is forced into a study its pace is slow and hindered by the industry who is known to be responsible yet is too influential to circumnavigate.  


e.  CMS – Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

DISBANDED Rendered obsolete by national health care. The Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act (or Medicare Modernization Act, MMA) signed by President George W. Bush on December 8, 2003, is a massive overhaul to Medicare, and was enacted with hardly any public debate.   It was created by and for the drug, health care and insurance Industries, with the executives of these companies being on the advisory committee drafting the bill.  In just the preceding year the pharmaceutical and health industries made political contributions amounting to roughly $27 million, and hired 675 lobbyists, over half with federal ties, (26 former congress members) spending over $91 million in lobbying efforts. 

Many supporters were given campaign contributions including G.W. Bush receiving $466,000 in 1999, whose administration had ties to the pharmaceutical industry, such as Bush senior, and Mitch Daniels being directors of Eli Lilly and Gail Wilensky holding 10.5 million in health industry stock. 

     This bill was a blatant manipulation of the government for private interests at the expense of the people.  Nonsense as this stands in the way of simplistic healthcare, not raped by thieves in the guise of representatives, healers and lawyers.  This manipulation shows that they have profitable reasons (not logical ones) for demonizing national health care, showing that without their profits and control, health care would be simple and affordable for all.


f.  FDA – Food & Drug Administration

DISBANDED Employing some 12,000 individuals, the FDA oversees products totaling $1.5 trillion in annual sales, approximately ten percent of the US market.  The FDA is an arm of the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, not an arm or ally of the people.  It exists only to protect its masters and curb, skew, and slow justice, court proceedings and the facts. (Such as the approval of Monsanto’s genetically engineered hormones and covering up evidence of cancerous mutations.)  It is operated by public money yet it poisons the people and defends private corporations.  At times it receives much corporate funding, and often its officials are appointed with special interests. (See pg 95 aspartame)

The FDA is influenced by synthetic chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers to look the other way, insufficiently test synthetics, give bias articles, or make hasty decisions based on too little information.   Contrarily, at times, they slow decisions of safety while holding overwhelming evidence of hazards, worried more about the multi billion dollar profit of those funding them than the myriad of adverse effects caused in the human organism.  Often specific officials are “funded by” or benefiting from investments in the companies they regulate.  Regulation policy thus becomes riddled with loopholes, such as the known mutagen BHT not having to be listed on products which contain it, if its amount is under 5% of an ingredient.


g.  HRSA – Health Resources & Services Administration

DISBANDED This is a data center of information which funnels business towards the healthcare providers, services and products which support this department and in turn are supported by it by receiving grants from it.  It is a data bank of disinformation and corrupt resources.  It holds no information encouraging self health care or natural herbs etc, nor are any grants awarded to such applications.  It is simply a funnel to steer the ignorant to the slaughterhouse, where they will receive their very own parasite to drain their life and money from them.


h.  IHS – Indian Health Service

DISBANDED An insult to a nation which never had disease or the need for a “health service”.  This stands as a testimony to the natural Individualistic way of life.  To live unnatural and inharmonious is to have unnatural and inharmonious aliments manifest in the body.  A strong spiritual belief overshadowing the material nature of existence is a foundation of strong health.  This department does nothing to educate the masses of the abject poverty these people have been subjected to by crushing their culture and forcing them into materialism, the opposite of the spiritual life they once enjoyed.  Their people raped and enslaved by the “heroic” Columbus, and forced to learn the language and teachings of dependency, while theirs of true independence was erased and forgotten.  For this the native Americans will receive free health care in the Individualistic society.


i.  NIH – National Institutes of Health

DISBANDED The NIH is a medical research agency.  It receives millions of dollars per year from biotech and pharmaceutical companies to either falsify research data, or let it go undocumented.  The funds are either formal contributions or monies paid in various forms to specific officers and scientists who neglect to report such incomes.  The grants they dispense are often given to contributors or companies invested in by officers.  They recruit large amounts of people to literally conduct experiments upon, in exchange for free drugs or upgraded health care.  These worldwide “clinical trials” are a huge profiting industry for the doctors, blockbuster pharmaceutical manufactures, and all in between, on the taxpayers’ dollars. 


j.  NCI  – National Cancer Institute:

DISBANDED The main cause of cancer is the myriad of synthetics humanity ingests, rubs upon their bodies, and is forced to breath because of the fumes of all of the unnatural products created every day on a preposterous scale.  The same pollutes the waters and then pollutants are added to remove those pollutants.  Man has made the entire Earth unclean.  The reversal of this shall see the cure for cancer.  It is very simple, unnatural things create unnatural things.   Impure things will cause impure results, faulty building blocks create a faulty building.  Giving the body unnatural substances allows the body unnatural building blocks with which it builds unnatural substances. There is no mystery where cancer comes from, it is the filth and unnatural manipulation of the pure earth which man has thoroughly poisoned.  Nowhere in this department will one find this simple truth, or any action against the true source of these diseases, because it is a half a trillion-dollar industry.  When this establishment conducts “research” it never looks at the cause, only the malignant effect before them, thus it is perpetually doomed to failure.


k. SAMHSA – Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration

DISBANDED This department gives grants to pharmaceutical and other “health care” providers for mental health, addiction, and other natural phenomena which they label as disease so as to create a market.  For example:

1. Mental Health

Mental heath has two general types,

A.  Physical Deformation

     The Individualists believe that most mental conditions resulting from deformation at birth can almost certainly be traced back to the parent’s food or environment containing one or many unnatural chemicals, as well as a lack of parental physical fitness.  Mental health because of severe trauma during life is the result of some degree of negligence on someone’s part.  These will be among the severe disabilities cared for by the Individualistic system.

B.  Learned

     The present society creates insanity in various forms because the society itself is rapidly becoming less and less logical, and its terrible schooling program is geared towards dependence as opposed to wisdom. This creates parents who cannot properly rear and guide a child and often neglect them.   These children then look to the schools for guidance, and finding none, the cycle continues, worsening at each revolution.

2. Addiction

     Addiction can only be cured by will power, testified by any junky or cigarette smoker who has succeeded.  The word “addiction” is pushed and pushed upon subjects until they accept weakness as a natural human characteristic, thus it encourages them to be weak and rely on the pharmaceutical industries’ magic drugs to “wean” them off.  This is simply a heartless marketing ploy for their toxic drugs and services, many times keeping these individuals on their drugs for years.

3.  Natural Phenomena

     It appears that this department is actually administering mental health to the entire United States.  Such as “Child Stress”, a ridiculous phrase, which the myriad of fools produced by this insane world, buy into with ruthless conviction, broadcasting their profound ignorance.  Children feel things such as this and ADD because the nonsense of this materialistic society in no way assists the soul, which came to this world to learn, not to be sucked into a philosophy of materialism.  Modern schools teach nothing of value to the soul, nothing of its divine heritage.    Thus forced into nonsense the soul revolts as the world demands acceptance of the insanity, and so are formed the children’s “disorders”.  They are perfectly understandable results of this dying society, yet appear as complete and total mysteries to the “doctors” and “psychologists” of the world of ignorance we live in, described by them as “disorders”.  They then proceed to give these children Adderall and Riddlin which are amphetamines, having very little difference from the illicit drug meth-amphetamine, the same drug fed to the front lines of the nazi war machine.

     All of the above three things (save for physical deformation, which could be slowed by eliminating all unnatural substances) can easily be cured by the will coupled with proper education and Individualistic philosophy.  They are instead maintained and exploited by this corrupt department in the guise of a healer to market billions in unnecessary drugs and health care service, wasting energy and taxpayer funds nursing effects instead eliminating causes.


l.  ATSDR – Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry

ASSIMILATED This department is suspected of watered down and corrupted information. Its basic operations are absorbed by the Populus Research.


2.  Department of Justice (DOJ)


a.  ATFE Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

DISBANDED This is an organization operating almost totally without supervision.  It murders men for tax reasons and is used as a militia for the need suppliers to rout out any individual opposed to their insidious and tyrannical views.  In the Individualistic society individuals will pay these taxes upon purchase and may own as much of any of these items as they wish.  But the instant they misuse them they will be summoned to court, not murdered at their homestead. (The August 21, 1992, Ruby Ridge incident in Idaho, and the February 28, 1993 Branch Davidian incident in Waco, Texas.)

All guns are registered.  Anyone found with unregistered firearm receives a mandatory six-month Laborforce assignment.  Mass sale of liquor must be reported, minor sale of liquor by home brewers permitted but the Individualist are aware that carelessness in processing can yield a poisonous and lethal product, and proceed at their own risk.  There are no laws against minor tobacco production for personal use and hobby sale, major tobacco production is monitored and taxed very similar to the modern methods.  Encouraging tobacco users to grow their own and alcohol users to make their own will assist in reducing the size and power of these two industries.   Finally, anyone hoarding explosives is obviously suspect of some kind of wrong doing, unless in commercial demolition.  Therefore all explosives are registered.

b.  DEA Drug enforcement administration

DISBANDED This department does exactly what its name implies, the enforced administration of drugs.  The sole creators of the “war on drugs” they play both sides, the criminal and the administer of justice.  They are the watchdogs of the drug producers, legal and illegal.  Dominating all territories and confiscating the drugs of ‘unauthorized’ dealers, they secure the market for their masters. The Individualistic society does away with this entire racket by its simple drug laws outlined on page 78.

c.  U.S. National Central Bureau of Interpol

DISBANDED This department is disbanded as it is obsolete in a neutral nation.  If need be the People’s Militia will handle an affair within its own boarders.

d.  Federal Bureau of Prisons

DISBANDED and obsolete because the Laborforces have replaced the prison system.

e.  Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

DISBANDED The Individualists believe this department should be restricted from any covert activities.  Secretiveness in any form causes ignorance to the public and without all knowledge the public cannot make informed decisions.  If someone is suspect, there is no reason to be covert, the actual knowledge of an investigating presence is a deterrent in itself.  A suspect is informed he is being watched.  All covert activities, such as bugs, computer spyware, etc can be easily turned against the public, like a guard dog biting its master.  Also it is recommended that an investigative body as this be simply an entity of intelligence collection and have no powers of enforcement.  This gives an agency too much power and takes the people out of the loop.  Therefore if all of these changes are made to the FBI it becomes no more than the GEP.  Thus it is disbanded and assimilated into the GEP.

f.  Foreign Claims Settlement Commission

DISBANDED This small department is disbanded after total neutrality is achieved and all claims completed.

g.  Drug Intelligence Center

DISBANDED Rendered obsolete as drugs are legal controlled substances of the Individualistic society.

h.  U.S. Trustee Program

DISBANDED With the dismantlement of private banks and usury, all debt becomes valid.  With usury it is understandable how one may get buried beneath debt.  Without it, all debt is valid.  Therefore there is no bankruptcy in the Individualist society making this department obsolete.

i.  1.  Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), and 2. U.S. Marshals Service

DISBANDED These two subdivisions are disbanded as they are made obsolete by the People’s Militia

j.  Office of Justice Programs

ASSIMILATED This office is assimilated into the general operation of the HVR.  Its myriad of bureaus and subdivisions will be scrutinized, overhauled and refined.

k.  Office of the Pardon Attorney

MAINTAINED This small office is maintained, however the final decision is decided by the people, not the president.

l.  1. U.S. Parole Commission, 2.  Executive Office for Immigration Review, 3.  Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys

MAINTAINED These three offices are maintained as part of the HVR.


3.  Department of Labor (DOL)

a.  Bureau of International Labor Affairs

DISBANDED This department is disbanded as it sends far to much taxpayer money out of the nation and likewise has too many interests outside the nation which are all easily compromised.  A neutral nation worries not about the problems of other countries, and does not accept their goods if their manufacturing process breaks any US law.   The Individualistic society would not simply place them on a list, which no one sees, and allow them into the nation.  Also, if a private US business owner has companies outside of the US he is subject to their law, and will be taxed accordingly to bring goods back into the Individualistic US.

b.  Employee Benefits Security Administration

DISBANDED Due to the elimination of usury, money no longer gains interest thus pensions are obsolete.  Each individual must be responsible for one’s own future and prepare accordingly through saving.  Furthermore the only health plan there is, is the Populus health system, all private health companies are responsible for their own affairs, therefore one takes responsibility upon one’s self when having private health.  When all those grandfathered into the Individualist conversion have been paid in full, this department is disbanded.

c.  Employment Standards Administration

DISBANDED Federal contracts are no longer given to private entities.  The people will decide what to build, where to build it, how much to spend for it and the PHMC will act upon their wish.  No profit or interest is anywhere in the loop of the construction.  Profit is had only by the people when the facility begins to operate.  Furthermore, too many manufactures favor War because of the profits they can obtain by it.  There also shall be no involvement of Populus funded agencies in private organizations, such as unions.  Federal involvement with labor unions is a known source of corruption.  Lastly, workman’s compensation shall be handled by the PAF.

d.  Women’s Bureau

DISBANDED any agency, policy, etc.  that affects or benefits one group and not another is bias and not unified.  Therefore to maintain Individualistic true equality, this department is disbanded but its spirit, the desire to educate, lives on in the unrestricted knowledge and teachings of LAFKI

e.  1. Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS), 2.  Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 3.  Employment and Training Administration (ETA)

ASSIMILATED These three departments are assimilated into LAFKI

f.  1.  Mine Safety and Health Administration, 2.  Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

ASSIMILATED as part of the GEP

g.  Office of Disability Employment Policy

MAINTAINED as part of HVR, yet overhauled and refined.


4.  Department of State (DOS)

a.  Arms Control and International Security

DISBANDED This subdivision is far too foreign oriented for a neutral nation, the study of other nations actions, can be performed by the GEP.  Internal security will be handled by the Populus militia.

b.  Economic, Energy, and Business Affairs

DISBANDED This department encourages and solicits merchandising which only serves to addict others to the elite manufactures’ practice of waste and consumption.  A self sufficient neutral nation does not need this peddling within its own borders let alone within exterior foreign nations, especially at the tax payers expense to the benefit of only large private corporations.

c.  Democracy and Global Affairs

DISBANDED The Individualistic neutral nation cultivates mind body and spirit to perfection in each of its individuals so that the nation as a whole evolves to perfection.  It does not enforce its ways upon any other but leads by example so that others beholding it can be inspired by its actions and choose for themselves whether or not to adopt its methods.  To enforce one’s own system upon others is force, regardless of one’s good intent or not.  To quote President Bush:  “The survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands.  The best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in all the world.”  This is a phrase to justify entering another’s nation and applying one’s own will to another’s way of life ‘for their own good’. Arrogantly asserting that one knows what is best for humanity, or to feign kindness so as to set up a new nation of consumption and waste to the profit of the few.  Similar nonsense is the phrase “freedom isn’t free”, for which, some agency needs to be started with the people’s tax dollars to inform every fish in the sea, every bird in the sky, and every other animal free from their birth, that they have been believing in error that they are free for the last hundreds of millions of years.  It is comical how only the supposed smartest animals, the humans, are deceived into such idiocy.

d.  Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs

DISBANDED All that this department does is performed much better by the GEP with the people as priority.  The Individualistic society has no interest in soliciting the American image outside its own borders for it has no desire in propaganda of any type.

e.  1.  Management, 2. Political Affairs

ASSIMILATED into HVR operations. These two departments are refined and thinned.  The Individualistic US maintains strict neutrality and its presence in foreign nations shall be lessened and its activities within them stopped.  In the future when full neutrality is realized these departments may be disbanded at the direction of the Populus.


5.  Department of Homeland Security (DHS)


a.  Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

DISBANDED This ridiculous division has unchecked power and authority, encourages construction in disaster prone areas it is an outlet for Populus money to be dumped into unverified claims.  A mockery of order in even the most primitive of eras.

b.  Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US CERT)

ASSIMILATED this division becomes fully Populus owned, there will be no public/private partnerships.

c.  Federal Law Enforcement Training Center


d.  Management Under Secretary

ASSIMILATED into general functions of PHMC

e.  Operations Coordination Office

ASSIMILATED into the HVR. The US monitoring of this division is conducted by GEP and enforced by the HVR.

f.  Policy Office

ASSIMILATED into the general operation of HVR

g.  Preparedness Directorate

ASSIMILATED refined as general procedures of HVR

h.  Science and Technology Directorate


i.  Transportation Security Administration

ASSIMILATED in the general operations of the HVR

j.  U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

ASSIMILATED into the general functions of HVR (see immigration page 73)

k.  U.S. Coast Guard

ASSIMILATED in the general operations of the HVR

l.  U.S. Customs and Border Protection

ASSIMILATED into the HVR as a special Populus militia unit, its present size and training doubled.

m.  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement


n.  U.S. Secret Service


o.  Domestic Nuclear Detection Office



6.  Department of the Treasury

a.  Bureau of Public Debt

DISBANDED This is the division that keeps America in debt, as its name asserts.  “Borrowing money to run the federal government” obviously means that the government is too big.   Some estimate that this department borrows over 5 Trillion dollars per year and hands the interest over to the American people to pay.  The interest is over 3/4 of a Billion dollars per day.  Thus the people pay for expenses of government actions beyond their vote and control, which benefit only the few.

b.  Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

DISBANDED The IRS is not an agency of the federal government. None of its employees are employees of the federal government, they are employees of a private corporation, called the IRS run by the Secretary of the treasury of PUERTO RICO and that is exactly how it is listed in US Code and federal regulations Titles 5, 26, 27.  The IRS, a private entity, can legally seize assets without obtaining judgment in court and cannot be sued.  An invulnerable private entity which does not obey the people is not an element of a just society.


c.  Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence

DISBANDED These two topics shouldn’t even be in the same office of control, unless, one is laundering money through Clearstream International to Bahrain International Bank, owned by Osama bin Laden.  There are already too many “intelligence” agencies, the GEP shall be the only one, and it shall report to the people, not to the government.  The list of suspect subdivisions in this department is as follows: 1.   The Office of Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes (TFFC) yes they probably do finance these things with the American taxpayers’ dollar 2.  The Office of Intelligence and Analysis (OIA) 3.  The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), control is the key word 4.  Financial Crime Enforcement Network (FinCEN), surely they conduct many, making Enron and Worldcom look like child’s play 5.  The Treasury Executive Office for Asset Forfeiture (TEOAF), These are merely thieves with law on their side 6.   IRS Criminal Investigation, It is frightening how this department needs not the judgement of the courts.  Its existence is unconstitutional, as are its actions. (See IRS above)

d.  Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau

ASSIMILATED into the general tax collecting operations of the HVR

e.  Financial Management Service (FMS)

ASSIMILATED “conducts services for the federal government” It will be downsized along with the government and report directly to the people, as thegovernment is not an entity to have anything answer to.

f.  1.  Office of the Comptroller of the Currency 2.  Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS)

ASSIMILATED There are no banks to monitor in the Individualist society.   These offices are merged into the GEP and will only monitor the Populus funds, all other activities especially in foreign nations, are ceased.  This less complex arrangement allows the departments to be significantly downsized.

g.  1. U.S. Mint 2.  Bureau of Engraving and Printing



7.  Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)


a.  1.  Veterans Benefits Administration, 2.  Veterans Health Administration

ASSIMILATED into the HVR.  All current recipients are grandfathered into their current plans.  However it is closed to any new beneficiaries as all US citizens become members of the Populus Militia, therefore are veterans and are covered under the Populus Health System.  With a budget of over 69 billion dollars, the VA lags and delays veteran claims, ignoring veterans who had their life on the line, it often loses and falsifies data and cannot be held accountable.  The Individualist society will recognize all grandfather veterans with free health care for each veteran holding them exempt from the common health tax, this is the least they deserve for being used by spineless corporations and banks who sent them to fight their unnecessary battles of greed.  With the death of the last recipient these departments will be disbanded.

b.  National Cemetery Administration

MAINTAINED in the HVR in honor and respect of those who fought for freedom, even if some were deceived and fought for corporate interests.  Their courage and sacrifice will be remembered.



a.  FDIC

DISBANDED The Federal deposit insurance corporation is a organization composed of shells within shells which practices fraud, inside trading, and issuing bank charters to money launderers.  Its executives are nearly all working for underworld forces.  Any institution with significant complexity is a web for redundancy and refraction of light.  Thus it is darkness granting the ability to work concealed within it.  Furthermore, it insures the money of private banks with public funds of the taxpayers, or the hollow fund printed by the Federal Reserve.

b.  Federal Reserve

DISBANDED Operating unconstitutionally, the Federal Reserve is a synthesis of private and government control, an intimacy which should never be.   The government is the people, there should be no involvement of the people’s funds in any private affair to any degree.  The Fed controls the people’s currency and operates in extreme secrecy, keeping the public in the dark, who constitutionally, are the only ones who should be controlling currency in the first place.  Thus there is great private control of the funds and credit of the people, and all the rules; fractional reserve, usury, debt collectors and reporting agencies, bankruptcy laws, debt repayment laws, are all in their favor.  They can issue credits based on nothing to banks, which can then lend out 9 times the amount.  Thus the banks, the private few, control the people, the masses, the government, by controlling currency, forcing them into slavery.  Claiming ownership over all facilities, all land, and all property.  They control the currency by buying and selling bonds, thereby inserting or removing funds into the system at their will.   This power to take money in and out of circulation was used to purposely cause the great depression, amongst other suspected diabolical acts.  The Individualists shall inform the people of this blatant thievery and deception, and teach them that the only validity to the Fed dollar, or to any ownership claimed by a bank, is as far as one believes it to be true, and the degree to which the authorities obey the banks instead of the people.  Thus the authorities and the people must be one in the same.

3. Executive Departments Assimilated by LAFKI

1.  Department of Education (ED)

a.  Federal Student Aid

DISBANDED Education is free in the Individualistic society.  If one chooses to go to a private school one must fund it oneself.

b.  Institute of Education Sciences

DISBANDED Their motto is “promoting educational excellence for all Americans” Obviously they are failing, for most Americans are insignificantly educated.  The little research they conduct will be covered by the GEP.

c.  Office for Civil Rights

DISBANDED Being that there are no funds given for education, because it is free, there is then no need to enforce compliance over such funds.  Civil rights apply to all citizens in the nation no matter where they are or what they are doing, and shall be handled by the HVR.  The 650 attorneys in this office, whether for good or ill, see much of reality as a quota to be filled which can be used as a leveraging tool for various purposes.  Any private institution may do whatever it desires on its property, allowing or not allowing service to anyone for any reason, such is freedom.  Populus facilities, on the other hand, shall assist all equally.

d.  Office of English Language Acquisition

DISBANDED This is segregation, to teach and assist one group and not all equally is not equality.  All languages are taught for free to all tax paying citizens of the Individualistic society.

e.  Office of Innovation and Improvement

DISBANDED This office is obviously failing in its innovations and improvements to the education system.  The innovations and improvements LAFKI shall implement through all media, in a short period of time, will show the full extent of the incompetence of this department of the old world.

f.  Office of Intergovernmental and Interagency Affairs

DISBANDED  “Encourages public understanding and support for improving American education.”  Obviously it is failing at its claims.  LAFKI’s free education system will solve all of these “problems”, mostly implemented to keep the majority at a disadvantage.

g.  Office of Management

DISBANDED   “Performance and results” is the objective of the Department of Education’s Office of Management (OM).  The result is that the Performance of the children is as sheep, perfectly ignorant to the fact that the government is to obey them.  “OM is aggressively moving in new directions in support of the President’s Management Agenda, . . .” That agenda is nothing but the stupefaction of the America people and is rapidly succeeding.  

h.  Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools

DISBANDED There is no need for a federal office to conduct duties that should be performed at a local level by local authorities.

i.  Postsecondary Education

DISBANDED There is no need to give grants when education is free. There is especially no need to send tax payer money out of the country, or to give grants that favor one an not another, all practices of this department.  All of these monies shall be relocated to free education.

j.  Special Education and Rehabilitative Services

DISBANDED Unfortunately, as cruel as some may see it, inequality begins when assistance is given to one and not another.  Special aid is the concern of the family, not the society.  Disabled individuals are looked to as wholly equal and welcome to take part in all Populus services, and are expected to achieve the same high standards as all others.

k.  Vocational and Adult Education

DISBANDED Most of what this office does is redundancy of the other offices coupled with much wheel spinning on tax dollars with no remarkable results.  LAFKI immediately implements programs to assist all freely and efficiently, not just adults, and not just in certain conditions.

l.  Office of Elementary and Secondary Education


m.  Office of the Chief Financial Officer

ASSIMILATED There are no grants given for education as it is all free in the Individualistic society, unless one chooses private education, which one must fund oneself.  This allows this department to be downsized to focus only on the projects of LAFKI ordered by the people.

n.  Office of the Chief Information Officer

ASSIMILATED This office will be very important to ensuring the free education of all, if not in a college, within their homes.  It will strive to have better teaching techniques then the best schools, allowing the rapid assimilation of the most complex knowledge in the shortest amount of time at the youngest possible age.  Such are the high standards of the Individualists.




1.  SBA

DISBANDED There will be no monetary assistance offered to anyone for any reason, as such help is a crutch that generates weakness as well as a guise for corruption.  Individualism does not only condone handouts to giant corporate conglomerates, but to anyone in any form.  In the guise of helping “small” or “minority” businesses, the SBA allots cash to all government personal interests.  It has no definition of ‘small’ and has even considered the American Motor Corporation as a small business.  It was intimately involved in the whitewater and wedtech scandals, and major defense contractors like Northrop-Grumman and General Dynamics were given money as “Small Businesses”.  In fact, rarely does this office help small companies, it is mostly involved with medium sized companies, but has many huge companies it considers as “small” so that it can grant loans, backed by the people’s money, to the private corporate interests of the perverted American government “representatives”.


2.  Dol

The following three departments are assimilated from the department of labor, which mostly became absorbed by the HVR.

a.  Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS)

     ASSIMILATED into LAFKI, Unrestricted Education is given freely to all in the Individualistic society, whether a veteran or not.

b.  Employment and Training Administration (ETA)

     ASSIMILATED into LAFKI, unrestricted Education is given freely to all in the Individualistic society, thus, this type of knowledge would be readily available. 

c.  Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

     ASSIMILATED Reduced to freely accessible information at LAFKI collected by the GEP.


3.  Postal Service

      ASSIMILATED into LAFKI, left unchanged.


4.  Miscellaneous

a.  Consumer product safety commission

      ASSIMILATED Dissolved to information and rules accessible at LAFKI 

b.  Federal citizen information center 

     ASSIMILATED Dissolved to information accessible at LAFKI



4. Executive Departments Assimilated by the PMHC


1.  Department of Agriculture (USDA)

a.  Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion

DISBANDED all of the knowledge that this center contains is far surpassed by that which will be contained within LAFKI.  Furthermore LAFKI’s overhauls in education will promote dietary awareness far more effectively, with virtually no necessary funding.

b.  Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service

DISBANDED Grants are not given for any reason by the Populus.  All monies go to tasks chosen directly by the people, not by supposed “representatives” with personal motives.

c.  Farm Service Agency

DISBANDED no subsidies are given to anyone for any reason in the Individualistic society.

d.  Food and Nutrition Service

DISBANDED As discussed on page 104 there is no welfare, such as food stamps, of any form in the Individualistic society.  Regardless if those claiming need are wealthy corporations or poor slaves.

e.  Marketing and Regulatory Programs

DISBANDED The taxpayers money will not go towards “marketing” of privately produced foods at home or in foreign nations.  Such private entities can market themselves on their own dollar.  Further more regulations are healthy and promote safety, but can also be used as tools to leverage unfair advantage by the ones wielding the enforcing power if they have interests (or competition) in a business covered by said regulations.  They can ease the enforcement upon their self and colleagues while impairing the competition.  Thus the GEP (controlled by the people) is responsible for all regulation compliance and informing the people thereof.  They cannot enforce regulations directly, but may suspend one’s activities if deemed suspect until judged by the people.  

f.  Natural Resources Conservation Service

DISBANDED Concerned only with water and soil instead of oil, coal, and natural gas, which are dwindling by the second, it is an arm of the chemical industry pushing fertilizers.  It is also another “regulatory” tool used to leverage the few and disadvantage others.  Possibly started with good intent, the few grams of righteousness left within it shall be salvaged by the PHMC and applied logically and efficiently within the refined REMA.

g.  Office of Community Development

DISBANDED Grants are not given for any reason by the Populus.  All monies go to tasks chosen directly by the people, for the people, never for private interests, the results thus being owned wholly by the people.  Any development is discussed in detail by the entire locality and agreed upon before any development of any kind takes place.  Too often “development” is undertaken strictly for profit with all higher ideas unconsidered.

h.  Research, Education and Economics

DISBANDED Much of this department is redundancy.  Specific applications of science to industry will be decided by the people not by the few.  Again the people’s tax dollars will not be used for marketing or grants to private entities.

i.  Risk Management Agency

DISBANDED There shall be no insurance on crops, a form of subsidy.   Furthermore the people’s tax dollars will not be spent on marketing solutions for private entities. All “risk management” is to be conducted by the private producer with one’s own funds, not the people’s funds.  All information to assist such private entities will be researched by GEP and posted at LAFKI for the use of all.   Lastly, this agency’s regulatory and compliance powers can be used to leverage unfair advantage.

j.  Rural Development

DISBANDED Grants are not given for any reason by the Populus.  All monies go to tasks chosen directly by the people for the people, never for private or select interests, the results being owned wholly by the people.  Too often this 16 Billion in programs goes to assist massive corporate farms with ties to government officials.   Little of these funds make it to the common farmer, which is just enough to conceal the extent of this racket.  This is why the Individualists stress the disbandment of all grants and subsidies bar none.

k.   Rural Business-Cooperative Service, 2.  Rural Housing Service, 3.  Rural Utilities Service

DISBANDED Grants are not given for any reason by the Populus.  All monies go to tasks chosen directly by the people for the people never for private or select interests, the results being owned wholly by the people.

l.  Economic Research Service

ASSIMILATED into the GEP as a research branch and its information posted at LAFKI. The economy will be monitored by the people, advised by the GEP and LAFKI.

m.  Food Safety and Inspection Service

ASSIMILATED Refined and given more responsibility to make sure labels are not ambiguous and food is actually safe.

n.  Foreign Agricultural Service

ASSIMILATED There will be no food aid to foreign nations when we spend tax money to give out food stamps in our own nation.  Foreign imports and exports of food will be overseen, however it will be encouraged to cease these activities and be fully self-sufficient.  If such is realized, at the direction of the Populus, this department will be disbanded.

o.  Forest Service

ASSIMILATED into the general duty of the PHMC

p.  Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration

ASSIMILATED into the GEP as a research branch and its information posted at LAFKI

q.  National Agricultural Statistics Service

ASSIMILATED into the GEP as a research branch and its information posted at LAFKI


2.  Department of Commerce (DOC)

     It is no department’s right to allow or restrict the flow of goods, or the way they are packed or shipped (provided the common sense of safety is present).  Only the producer is concerned with the most advantageous method.  The department of commerce’s regulatory powers are often used as leveraging tools by those in the department or in bed with it.   The producer of the best goods should be allowed to thrive naturally, not because of payoffs.  Their “promotion” of US goods is nothing but the exploitation of every last market of the world with the products of the few, paid for with tax dollars of the people who see no share of that profit.

a.  Economic Development Administration

DISBANDED Grants are not given for any reason by the Populus.  All monies go to tasks chosen directly by the people for the people never for private or select interests, the results being owned wholly by the people.

b.  Minority Business Development Agency

DISBANDED Grants are not given for any reason by the Populus.  All monies go to tasks chosen directly by the people for the people never for private or select interests, the results being owned wholly by the people.  Any agency, policy, etc, that affects or benefits one group and not another is bias and thus unequal.  Therefore to maintain Individualistic true equality, this department is disbanded but its spirit, the desire to educate, lives on in the unrestricted knowledge and teachings of LAFKI.

c.  National Telecommunications & Information Administration

DISBANDED Grants are not given for any reason by the Populus.  All moneys go to tasks chosen directly by the people for the people never for private or select interests, the results being owned wholly by the people.  Contracts are not awarded to private entities, all needed projects will be erected by the PHMC at the direction of the people who will equally own the final product.

d.  Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)

ASSIMILATED into the GEP as a research branch and its information posted at LAFKI

e.  Bureau of Industry and Security (formerly Export Administration)

ASSIMILATED into the general operation of the PHMC until full neutrality and self sufficiency is realized.

f.  Bureau of the Census

ASSIMILATED into the GEP as a research branch and its information posted at LAFKI.   Its activities shall be directed strictly by the Populus.

g.  National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)

ASSIMILATED into the GEP as a research branch and its information posted at LAFKI.  All funding to private sectors shall be eliminated.  All products, physical or intellectual, are now owned equally by the people, who are also the directors of its research activities.

h.  Economics & Statistics Administration

ASSIMILATED into the GEP as a research branch and its information posted at LAFKI

i.  International Trade Administration (ITA)

ASSIMILATED into the duties of PHMC.  It shall be reviewed and refined, its practice of promoting foreign trade reversed to discouraging foreign trade.  When true neutrality and self-sufficiency is realized, this department is disbanded.

j.  National Marine Fisheries

ASSIMILATED as a function of PHMC

k.  National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)


l.  National Technical Information Service

ASSIMILATED into LAFKI and all of its information made free, as opposed to presently having to buy its information which the taxpayers paid to have them collect.

m.  Office of Technology Policy


n.  Patent & Trademark Office


o.  Technology Administration

ASSIMILATED into LAFKI all technical information and training will be given free to all citizens.

p.  National Weather Service

 MAINTAINED as part of the PHMC


3.  Department of Defense (DOD)

     This entire department will be forced by the people, who compose and fund it, to stay true to its title of DEFENSE.  All foreign activities and support are stopped, all forces brought back to the continental US.  Strict neutrality is declared and all alliances are severed in a peaceful and respectful manner.  No US soldier will be sent to foreign soil for any reason.  All combat will be fought on US soil if the enemy can get to it.  Navies and air force will be no more than 500 miles from the US coast at all times.  The policy is Strictly Defense.

a.  Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD)

ASSIMILATED into the operations of PHMC.   The secretary shall execute the commands of the people, none other.

b.  Air Force

Academy, Band, Combat Command, Direct Reporting Units, Education and Training Command, Field Operating Agencies, Materiel Command, Mobility Command, National Guard, Pacific Air Forces, Recruiting, Reserve Command, ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps), Space Command, Special Ops Command, U.S. Air Forces in Europe

MAINTAINED as part of the PHMC composed of the people

c.  Army

Bands, Corps of Engineers, Criminal Investigation Command, Europe Command, Forces Command, Intelligence and Security Command, Materiel Command, Medical Command, Military District of Washington, National Guard, Pacific Command, Recruiting, Space and Missile Defense Command, Special Operations Command, Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, Training and Doctrine Command, U.S. Army South, U.S. Military Academy, West Point

MAINTAINED as part of the PHMC composed of the people

d.  Navy

Air Systems Command, Atlantic Fleet Forces Command, Band, Education and Training Command, Facilities Engineering Command, Forces Central Command, Marines, Medicine and Surgery, Meteorology and Oceanography Command, Military Sealift Command, Naval Academy, Naval Installations, Naval Network and Space Operations Command, Naval Network Warfare Command, Naval Observatory, Operational Test and Evaluation Forces, Pacific Fleet Forces Command, Personnel Command, Recruiting, Reserve, Safety Center, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command , Special Warfare Command , Supply Systems Command , U.S. Naval Forces Europe

MAINTAINED as part of the PHMC composed of the people

e. Joint Chiefs of Staff


f.  Combatant Commands

Central Command (CENTCOM), European Command, Joint Forces Command, Northern Command, Pacific Command, Southern Command, Special Forces Operations Command, Strategic Command, Transportation Command

ASSIMILATED these divisions will be brought back to the continental US.  A small percentage may remain in their respective foreign nation for intelligence purposes as directed by the people.  A Policy of strict neutrality and Defense is adopted and strategies erected from those principles.  With the power of these concentrated forces and soon larger army (when mandatory two-year service is implemented) the US will be impenetrable.

g.  Inspector General


h.  Defense Agencies

i.   Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA)

DISBANDED there are no contracts given to private entities.  All projects will be built by the PHMC at the people’s direction and equally owned by all citizens.


ii.   Defense Contract Management Agency

DISBANDED there are no contracts given to private entities.  All projects will be built by the PHMC at the people’s direction and equally owned by all citizens.


iii.   Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA)

DISBANDED The Populus does not give contracts to private entities and does not assist foreign nations in any military applications from weapons systems to training and counsel with the tax payer’s money.  It is advised that private entities not be allowed to sell weapons systems to foreign nations if it was built or assembled by US resources.  Such entities are welcome to erect a plant in said foreign nation on their own funding.  


iv.   Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

ASSIMILATED all contracts will be built by PHMC at the people’s direction.


v.   Defense Security Service (DSS)

ASSIMILATED no division shall have a permanent head, as this one.  All Populus offices will cycle all heads to avoid corruption.  Information in a nation whose collection was paid for by the people is property of the people.  There thus can be no restrictions, save in the time of true defensive war, and then a policy of a six-month delay should be substantial. 


vi.  National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency



vii.  Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

MAINTAINED policy shifted towards neutrality and defense, renewable energy power, and fully electric vehicles.


viii.  Defense Commissary Agency

MAINTAINED this division’s role will expand ten fold with the mandatory two-year service plan. 




ix.  National Security Agency (NSA)

MAINTAINED Information in a nation whose collection was paid for by the people is property of the people.  There thus can be no restrictions, save in the time of true defensive war, and then a policy of a six-month delay should be substantial. 


x +.  Pentagon Force Protection Agency – Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) – Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) – Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) – Defense Legal Services Agency- Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) – Missile Defense Agency (MDA)

MAINTAINED all relatively unaltered


i.  Field Activities


i.  American Forces Information Service

ASSIMILATED into LAFKI as part of the People’s Media

ii.  Defense Technical Information Center

ASSIMILATED into LAFKI under the 6M delay when applicable.

iii.  Economic Adjustment Office

ASSIMILATED into the general duties of the PHMC. 

iv.  DoD Education

ASSIMILATED into the basic functions of LAFKI ‘s free education system, being that all citizens will be military families. 

v.  Human Resources

ASSIMILATED into the general function of the PHMC

vi.  TRICARE Management

ASSIMILATED into the Populus health system.   All current beneficiaries are grandfathered into their policy, no new policies shall be excepted.   This department is disbanded upon the expiration of the final recipient. 

vii.  Washington Headquarters Services

ASSIMILATED all 2000 contract employees are disbanded and rehired as employees of the PHMC if necessary.

viii.  Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office



j.  Joint Service Schools


1.  Defense Acquisition University, 2.  Defense resource management, 3.  Joint Military Intelligence College,

4.  National Defense University, 5.  Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

ASSIMILATED into the Militia colleges of LAFKI



4.  Department of Energy (DOE)

a.  Fossil Energy

DISBANDED “Ensuring that we can continue to rely on clean, affordable energy from our traditional fuel resources is the primary mission of DOE’s Office of Fossil Energy.”  Obviously they plainly admit that they have no intention of eliminating fossil fuel use and going to fully renewable energies, regardless of the cost.  They are thus immediately disbanded as a threat to mankind and the planet.

b.  Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

DISBANDED All large energy facilities will be equally owned by the Populus and their “regulation” a predetermined transmission value based upon operating cost.  The amount of large energy facilities in the Individualistic society is reduced due to the amount of self-generation.  Only the Populus shall grant permissions to build facilities, not an independent agency, which is funded by charging those it regulates.

c.  Civilian Radioactive Waste Management

ASSIMILATED The need for nuclear power is lessened with Individualistic self-generation of energy, thus the production of radioactive wastes is curbed.

d.  Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

ASSIMILATED This department’s name is all that is kept.  In stead of producing any real solutions this department spins its wheels and wastes the taxpayer’s money.  It often hands out millions for audits and “research” to large corporations and universities, whose findings do not become publicly owned even though the public has funded them.  This money will be put directly to solutions by the PHMC.  One first action being the construction of conversion facilities.

e.  Energy Information administration


f.  Environmental Management

ASSIMILATED The need for nuclear power is lessened with Individualistic self-generation of energy, thus the production of radioactive wastes is curbed.

g.  National Laboratories

ASSIMILATED All laboratories will be strictly monitored by the GEP to avoid instances such as the DOE transporting weapons across country in modified armored 18 wheelers.  This has nothing to do with the taxpayer’s money spent on energy efficiency.  All projects will be directed by the fully aware will of the people.

h.  National Nuclear Security Administration

ASSIMILATED However all information placed under the 6M policy when applicable.

i.  Nuclear Energy, Science and Technology

ASSIMILATED yet all results are owned equally by the people being that the people funded it, and the people (the tax paying scientists) developed it.  At the people’s discretion the 6M policy may be applied.

j.  Office of Health Safety and Security

ASSIMILATED into the general functions of PHMC

k.  Office of Science

ASSIMILATED All projects shall be directed by the people, and all results owned equally by the people being that the people funded it and the people (the tax paying scientists) developed it.  The information will thus be immediately published at LAFKI.

l.  Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI)

ASSIMILATED into LAFKI. This department makes an attempt at the vision of LAFKI but is disorganized, cumbersome and restrictive.  It will be refined and incorporated into the unrestricted LAFKI system.

m.  Power Administrations

1.  Bonneville Power Administration, 2.  Southeastern Power Administration, 3.  Southwestern Power Administration, 4.  Western Area Power Administration

ASSIMILATED these plants sell electricity to pay operating and infrastructure costs as well as the cost of their initial construction.  All of these costs and “debts” will be audited by the GEP.  The “debt” (which is owed to the tax payers who funded the project) is divided between each tax paying customer of that locality, generating a dollar figure which is converted into the amount of energy these individuals are given for free, thus repaying the “debt”.  Then the only costs would be the cost of maintenance divided by collective annual consumption, to give a predicted yearly price per kWh paid by each customer (possibly amounting to less than half the previous expense).  The need for these power administrators will decrease as self-generation becomes prevalent.  All sites not hydropower will be dismantled.  Any overages of electricity will cause Populus facilities to be built near such plants, to smelt ores, charge batteries and magnets, etc.

n.  Office of Administration


5.  Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

a.  Community Planning and Development

DISBANDED No group is favored in the Individualistic society.  Community planning and development will be directed by the people’s wishes.  Those who are not self sufficient and jobless may join a Laborhood to learn such skills.

b.  Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae)

DISBANDED The people’s money will not be used to assist private banks (mortgage lenders) to profit while returning no money to the people.  Furthermore the people will no longer take the loss for the privatebank should the debtor default.

c.  Multifamily Housing

DISBANDED All necessary government housing projects will be built as Laborhood projects.

d.  Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity

DISBANDED Discrimination is common sense in the Individualistic society.  There is no need for a department funded on public money to hand out public money to ensure common sense.  Too often “fair” and “equal” become bias themselves and only one group ends up benefiting from the funds of the entire group.  Enforcement powers of these departments are similarly used to leverage unfair advantages in the name of equality.  Private entities have the right to refuse any one for any reason.  Conversely, Populus facilities must be equal, and will be constantly monitored by the people due to the networking mechanics of the Individualistic society, thus have no need for such a bias department.

e.  Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight

DISBANDED This division openly admits its loyalty to two massive private entities:  ” OFHEO’s mission is to promote housing and a strong national housing finance system by ensuring the safety and soundness of Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association) and Freddie Mac (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation).”  This department is disbanded without delay along with those it protects.

f.  Federal National Mortgage Association (fannie Mae) (not actually a department of HUD but will be discussed here)

DISBANDED The second largest US financial institution.  It is a government founded agency turned private after a 30-year monopoly of the secondary mortgage market, but masks as a public entity due to its “public” investors who are all private entities. With a revenue of $58.3 Billion, it is allowed to sell securities with only half the capital to back it up.  This creature was founded on the people’s money and should have remained as such, instead it was handed to privates entities, which is the stealing of public assets.   It will be returned and disbanded, its assets shall be distributed to more logical and just causes. 

g.  Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddy Mac) (not a department of HUD but will be discussed here)

DISBANDED Like its twin above it was only created to be a competitor against Fannie Mae.  With a $44 billion dollar revenue, this creature will be dismantled just as the privatized banks.  Usury in any form is forbidden in the Individualistic society.

h.  Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control

DISBANDED This is the responsibility of the homeowner not the society.

i.  Office of Housing

DISBANDED Supports the “Expanding American Homeownership Act” which should rightly be called the expanding American private bank ownership act”.  This does nothing more than ensure that every one possible is indebted to a bank.  Most likely paying minimum payments thus buying the home two or three times, if they do not default, which merely starts the money making all over again for the bank on that one property, who most likely had less than half the capital to back the loan initially.  In the guise of kindness and assistance the people are raped by usury and reduced to a lifetime of indentured servitude.

j.  Office of Public and Indian Housing

DISBANDED No assistance other than the Laborhood programs are offered.  For elderly and disabled, one of their able-bodied family members may sign on to a Laborhood in their behalf.  Benefits to Indians are discussed elsewhere in this paper. 

k.  Policy Development and Research

DISBANDED Due to the fact that the entirety of HUD has been disbanded, there is no need for policies.  All public housing will be handled by the Laborhood program, a joint effort between PHMC and LAFKI.

6.  Department of the Interior (DOI)

a.  Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)

DISBANDED This 55.7 million acres of land will not be held in trust by the US government, it will be given to these people for decimating their culture.  9 acres per surviving Indian shall be given tax free, complete with a free Laborhood home.   Education programs will continue, but will encourage the teaching of their heritage as well.

b.  Bureau of Reclamation

ASSIMILATED The distribution of water and power will be lessened with the growth of self-generation.  Surplus resources will be utilized to assist the Individualistic goals.  Surplus water will be used to generate additional electricity in solar steam towers.

c.  Fish & Wildlife Service

ASSIMILATED However, one area dismantled will be the giving of grants (taxpayer money) for international purposes.  Such as the 5.8 Million currently proposed.

d.  Geological Survey (USGS)


e.  Mineral Management Service

ASSIMILATED No private entity will be given permission to explore Populus land for resources.  All expeditions will be directed by the Populus and conducted by the PHMC, and all resources found will be the property of the Populus.  Too often are the oil, gas, and other private resource corporations on public land, and paying no royalties to the people because of the compromised members of the government with interests in those businesses.

f.  Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation & Enforcement

ASSIMILATED The mining of coal shall be significantly reduced with the fossil fuel tax and increased self-generation.  Reclamation operations will continue on the bill of the private entities which have caused the damage.  This office will regulate all mining public and private.

g.  National Interagency Fire Center – National Park Service – Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

MAINTAINED all relatively unaltered


7.  Department of Transportation (DOT)

a.  Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

DISBANDED This division is thoroughly compromised by corporate interests, and is suspect in many disasters, amongst other things.  The general functions of this department will be performed by the PHMC, monitored by the GEP.

b.  Bureau of Transportation Statistics


c.  Federal Highway Administration

ASSIMILATED No contracts will be given to private entities, all works will be constructed at the direction of the people by the PHMC.

d.  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

ASSIMILATED This policy is altered too often causing the drivers to take the brunt of the punishments for driving faulty company vehicles.  The punishments will, henceforth be delivered to the owner of the vehicles.

e.  Federal Railroad Administration

ASSIMILATED All activities such as research and “assistance to rail industry” will be strictly for Populus owned rails.  No tax payer assistance will be given to private rails.

f.  Maritime Administration

ASSIMILATED All ships owned by the Populus will not carry foreign commerce, or domestic commerce to foreign lands.  Populus carriers will have usage fees to cover operational costs, all surplus funds are returned equally to the Populus.

g.  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

ASSIMILATED This division’s regulatory powers will be revised.  Too often they are used to leverage unfair advantage in favor of the massive US auto industry and impede all others, such as very small manufacturers with innovative designs.

h.  Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

ASSIMILATED Regulations of this agency will be refined and made more strict, and monitored closely by the GEP.

i.  Research and Innovative Technology Administration


j.  Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation


k.  Surface Transportation Board

ASSIMILATED Its regulatory powers will be revised, and its jurisdiction over the rails maintained as the rails are switched to Populus control.

l.  Federal Transit Administration




a.  FCC

DISBANDED Any entity with this much regulatory power can be easily be used as a tool to disadvantage some and assist others.  Regulation of any sort will be discussed and voted upon by the Populus alone.  As for freedom of speech, violence and indecency, these things cannot be hindered.  As terrible as it may sound, once one limits personal freedom in the slightest way, one is no longer in a free state. *  (Such limitation can be increased until one cannot speak out about one’s government, etc).  It is the parents and viewers who are responsible for what they and their children listen to and watch, not the society.  The nature of an artist or broadcasting station will be thus clearly seen for its level of evolution, and will be consequently avoided by those seeking less debased activities.  Debased artists and stations will therefore only attract the debased, who will be few in number, due to the spread of Individualistic philosophy, thwarting the artists and programming of such natures by common sense, not by the restriction of freedom.


*  The argument here is that individualism limits business size.  It does not limit business size until 100 people, and then minimally.  Collections of people controlled by a private owner are units of power allotted to that one owner.  In no way, upon ones own, can one become that powerful without the assistance of many people.  Thus the power is unnatural and must be regulated.  Personal, or singular power, that is, individual freedom, cannot be limited.

b.  EPA

DISBANDED The EPA is out to protect the chemical companies and silence and impede any investigating and/or concerned citizen.  Independent investigators and researchers using their own private capital stand no chance against the enormous resources of the chemical giants, or the law firms andgovernment agencies protecting them.  Often because of being invested in them and/or receiving “contributions” from them.

The Over Complexity of Law

August 12th, 2009

Law Defined:


Defined by The cognitive science laboratory at Princeton University


1.  Legal document setting forth rules governing a particular kind of activity;

2.  The collection of rules imposed by authority;


Defined by Wikipedia


Law (a loanword from Old Norse lag), in politics and jurisprudence, is a set of rules or norms of conduct which mandate, proscribe or permit specified relationships among people and organizations, provide methods for ensuring the impartial treatment of such people, and provide punishments for those who do not follow the established rules of conduct.


Defined by the American Heritage Dictionary


1.  A rule established by authority, society or custom

2.  The body of rules governing the affairs of man within a community or among states; social order

3.  A set of rules or customs governing a discrete field or activity


All the above definitions use the word “rule” to define law, therefore rule must be defined:



Rule Defined:


1.  A principle or condition that customarily governs behavior;

2.  Prescribed guide for conduct or action

­– The cognitive science laboratory at Princeton university



1.  An authoritative direction for conduct or procedure, specifically:

a.  One of the regulations governing procedure in a legislative body 

b.  A principle of conduct observed by the members of a group

–  The American Heritage Dictionary


     The above definitions describe principles of conduct agreed to and followed by a group.  The question that comes into play is who creates the principles.  Sticking strictly to the above definitions we see that either custom or authority creates them.  As far as custom goes the reasoning for some customs is not always clear, so it is not worth while to argue customs here.  However, “authority”, is the alarming word.  If the authority is the masses of a non corrupt direct democracy of the people, than the laws reflect exactly what the people believe and are therefore noble.  But if the authority is an entity separate from the people and removed from their true wishes, then the principles erected thereby are not noble.  They become simply mechanisms of control.


     Mechanisms of control can be successfully undermined with simplicity.  Complexity in law is directly proportionate to its corruption, ineffectiveness and use as a controlling mechanism.  From antiquity the systems of law were very simple until relatively recently.  Only in the last 2000 years has law compounded rapidly to its ridiculous modern form.  Egypt survived thousands of years with a mere 42 principles which could easily be memorized by all citizens.  As time progressed laws became more complex, and it is NOT because society became more complex as will be described.

     Has the vast amount of species of animals living in harmony for millions of years across the globe required countless weighty books of endless stipulations?  Complexity in law is only due to deceit and/or ignorance. The fact that such a civilization as Egypt lasted for thousands of years on 42 simple principles is further proof that complexity and sophistication are unnecessary elements for harmony and longevity of a civilization.  The basic underlying principles of the Egyptian laws below are Waste and Harm, and waste could be viewed as a further emanation of Harm, the source of all social problems.  As history progressed laws developed to describe the various ways one can harm another and the degree or severity of that harm, thereby moving away from describing the source of these problems.  This is where a madness began to develop, because there is an infinite range of manifestations of Harm and degrees of the same which man can inflict upon his fellow.  Man could not create enough paper and ink to record each type of incident let alone their respective punishments.  This madness causes law to compound and become increasingly complex at a recursive rate, confounding all those beneath it while benefiting the few who are aware of its proliferating nonsense yet consciously allow its continuance and alter it to their benefit, a practice which becomes increasingly easy with its increasing complexity.   The root of this madness is none other than the act of describing the misdeed instead of describing the source of the problem, which is the flaw in character that has initially produced the misdeed.

     By comparing the Egyptians “source” oriented code to those “misdeed” oriented codes which come later, one will clearly see how the understanding of the source of the problems becomes lost, and maniacal focus upon the infinite manifestation of misdeeds becomes the dominate mode of thought persisting to this day.  This misunderstanding was handed down generation after generation and the systems, like a cancer, grow at an exponential rate towards future systems of infinite madness.  The older, simpler systems of law had long life spans while the modern more complex systems, have shorter life spans, thus complexity also correlates to shortened life span and instability as opposed to simplicity having a longer life span, and stability.

     Even though they begin to deviate from ‘source’ oriented thinking and descend into the psychosis of infinite misdeeds, the Code of Hammurabi (1700BC) and the Twelve Tables of Rome (449BC – 201BC) were both displayed publicly so that every citizen knew the law.  They were both small enough to commit to memory, in fact the twelve tables were written in rhyming verse to facilitate memorization.  It was authoritarian powers who hid the laws from the people thus making the law unknown and causing inequality of punishments such as with the early patricians to the plebeians, a section of history repeating itself at this moment.  Any code of law with more laws than can be memorized easily by each person is unnecessarily complex for the shear purpose of controlling individuals with false freedoms and leveraging other individuals with legislature.  The growth rate of this madness has become so fast that today, new laws are made each day and change so fast that few can keep track, that is if they even knew of their existence in the first place.  This is Absurd.  Most Laws of today are merely designed by one corporation’s lawyer to bind up the competition until they can either find a loophole, amend the law or get a new one passed.  This is a blatant attempt at binding one’s brethren, and creating a psychotic compounding complexity impossible for any one man to keep track of without making it a life’s practice.  It is a direct impediment to the simple and rapid evolution of mankind.  Modern Law has become naught but a playground of inequity, smothering any noble ideal of Truth and Justice.

     For these reasons the Individualist focuses only on the concept of Harm, the very root of all misdeed.  How then does one deter this?  The Individualists find the simple solution in their concept of divinity.  If there is only One being, and all are but subdivisions of this one consciousness, than to do harm to anything is to do harm to the only self, the One, thus oneself.  This concept is taught from birth repeatedly to assist the uprooting of the source of Harm. When the unity of all creatures is fully taught and understood, few will initially do wrong because they realize to harm another is to simply harm themselves.  The remaining misdeeds committed will be the acts of either the desperate or the deliberate.

     This concept of Harm, as any concept, can be twisted by the depraved.  Balance must be maintained throughout the material life.  To harm nothing is ideal, yet this world is not yet ideal.  Therefore, in such a case as an invading army, one of this nature might say that the precept is broken by causing harm in defense.  Or a plague of animals comes to the point of disrupting harmony, thus eliminating them for protection is also considered harm, but it too is in defense.  The Individualist observes nature and sees that animals attack to either to defend themselves or in desperation (hunger).  Mans mind should be sufficient to keep himself from desperation leaving only defense as a means of Harm (beside deliberate).  Defense from humans in an ideal world would never be needed for all would be practicing the same principle.  But again this world is not ideal, therefore the Individualists master self-defense and simultaneously pray it will never need to be used.  By this method it is ensured that this concept of harm will never be used to pacify a nation leaving them weak and defenseless for any invading army to easily crush.

     There also must be mentioned the incident of abstract harm, the stuff in the minds of weaklings.  These are such things as insults, and offence taken from another’s actions.  Again, ideally the Individualist is beyond these trivial things and does not engage in this conduct nor consider them a form of harm.  One’s personal actions or comments, while possibly offensive to others, simply displays one’s level of evolution and one’s grasp of Individualistic thought.  Thus the one who purposely sets out to offend, succeeds in only being recognized as an ignorant fool.  There can be no punishments or monetary rewards for such childish actions or complaints.


a.  The 42 Principles


     The Individualists understand that simplicity is the watchword and uphold 42 simple self-governing principles.  They are aware that the ancients knew Truth, and how simple it is to love each other and live in peace and harmony.  They are ever watchful for the twofold enemy who attacks this light: the learned evil, and the ignorant deceived by the learned evil, they who attempt to convince man that it is foolishness to believe that life is in fact simple and easy to live. 

     These 42 principles are arguably as old as dynastic Egypt, 3150-31bc or possibly far older.  Scholars agree they can definitely be found in texts dated 2600-2000bc or older, and are found compiled neatly in the papyrus of Ani dating to1240bc.  Egypt and its antiquity have always been subjects of great debate.  For sound reasons the Individualists believe that these moral laws were followed by the Egyptians prior to dynastic Egypt, but settle on the date of 3150bc as being the date at which these principles were actually organized into a formal belief (law) system.

     Therefore these 42 Principles of Ma’at (Justice) predate the Code of Hammurabi by about 1,450 years, the Ten Commandments by about 1,850 years, and the twelve tables by 2,700 years and were practiced while all these other systems were practiced until about 31 bc.  The 42 principles are displayed below so all can see the simple yet powerful beliefs of the Individualists. 

     In the original code, the 42 affirmations are written in past tense as “I have not”, because they are declared to judges after one dies and enters into the afterlife.  They are written here as affirmations of one’s present incarnation.  For over three thousand years this very simple code of laws upheld arguably the long lasting human civilization ever known, with India, and China, following.  Contrast this with the “modern” United States law composed of hundreds of pages, in a society a mere 231 years old already on the verge of collapse from corruption and materialism.  It seems to show a great error in thought, even an insanity.



Note: Some new evidence may date Egypt much further back in antiquity making it even much more successful and undisputedly the longest lived civilization.


1.   I will not do misdeed.

2.   I will not steal.

3.   I will not act unjustly.

4.   I will not murder.

5.   I will not waste food.

6.   I will not cheat the scales.

7.   I will not defraud temple offerings.

8.   I will not lie.

9.   I will not waste the day.

10. I will not abuse my sexuality.

11. I will not cause the shedding of tears.

12. I will not act with guile.

13. I will not break the Law.

14. I will not commit fraud.

15. I will not hoard land.

16. I will not keep knowledge secret.

17. I will not bring dishonor to anyone.

18. I will not argue.

19. I will not commit adultery.

20. I will not wrongly copulate.

21. I will not cause terror.


22. I will not cause destruction.

23. I will not be an aggressor.

24. I will not turn from words of right and truth.

25. I will not utter curses.

26. I will not act with violence.

27. I will not bear false witness. 

28. I will not prejudge.

29. I will not judge.

30. I will not exaggerate.

31. I will not cause harm.

32. I will not do evil.

33. I will not commit treason against my ancestors.

34. I will not waste water.

35. I will not speak in anger.

36. I will not blaspheme the One Most High.

37. I will not be arrogant.

38. I will not desecrate holy places.

39. I will not plunder the dead.

40. I will not mistreat children.

41. I will not hinder the worship of God.

42. I will not mistreat animals.


     The Individualists believe that the teaching of these moral principles with Individualistic philosophy in the school and at home up to adulthood will drastically reduce the number of harmful actions perpetrated in society.  Knowledge becomes the deterrent, not the fear of punishment.  In addition to these 42 principles, the Individualist adds “The Twelve Preventative Concepts” which shut forever the doors which lead to the madness of the present world.  They constitute an understanding of the forces to be kept in check and kept in mind.  They overlap and condense the 42 principles, clearing up the ambiguous areas which could be exploited, and they are more serious in their implications.


1.  I will not lose sight of the source of problems, harm against the One, thus I shall honor Its every piece.

2.  I will not withhold knowledge

3.  I will not hand over my responsibility to another

4.  I will not cause harm to any man, beast, or environment save for subsistence or defense and then, minimally.

5.  I will not impede the will of another so long as that other violates not the 54 principles

6.  I will not make additional laws which do not apply equally to the entire populace.

7.  I will not act upon any decision that affects another individual without that others consent

8.  I will not waste anything

9.  I will not govern any other than myself

10. I will not make a private bank

11. I will not make currency that cannot be redeemed at any time for real energy. 

12. I will not practice usury or the sale of currency for a gain higher than the value of that currency, directly or indirectly.


It is only a matter of time until these principles are reestablished.  It is not a choice, it is an inevitable force of nature, for nature is healthy, sane and efficient.  All things contrary perish.  I patiently await the fall of idiocy, all the power in the world can’t save them.